A Mysterious Plea

What it says in the title. Slow learner aren't you?

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A Mysterious Plea

A strange note has appeared in the Guild Hall of Rhyme and Punishment. It is hidden on a shelf too high for shorter folk like Dwarves or Gnomes to notice. The paper is of poor quality but exudes an oddly soporific scent. The writing is exquisite but hastily written. It reads as follows:

"To whomever may find this,

Rinu Fizzlespark has recently returned to you. Do not be lulled by her battered state, it is her own doing. Keep her away from those you know to be naive or gullible, she will fill their heads with lies. She has changed and I don't know why. I haven't much time before she and that vile fiend return. Please, whatever she's up to, stop her, but don't let her die. I like this world and I need her if I am to stay.


A friend"

The dust below the shelf seems to have faint hoof-prints in it.
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