An Unfortunate Meeting

What it says in the title. Slow learner aren't you?

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An Unfortunate Meeting

Sister Maribeth Misfit wandered the streets of Stormwind with her head hung low. She limped slightly as she'd forgotten to renew her levitation spell before it wore off and fallen. Still she didn't quite have it in her to recast it tonight.

Suddenly she walked straight into something, the top of which struck her chin. She staggered back startling as the something turn around suddenly.

"Watch where your going, idiot!" Yelled the something which was in fact a rather short and sickly gnome. She wore a strange robe and carried a scythe. Her wiry with hair hung loose and had gotten in her face.

Maribeth cowered slightly and began babbling apologies. "I'm sorry. I should be more careful."
"Yes. Yes you should." Said the other gnome eyeing her up and down appraisingly. "What have you got to mope about anyway? With your nice hair and fancy clothes and looking healthy and well-fed. Fatso!"
"I'm not fat." Maribeth said trying not to look hurt. She eyed the other gnome and noticed how malnourished she was. "But I guess compared to you I am."

She began routing around her pack and laid down a mat and began laying out food. "Here I have some food. I always keep some spare for the homeless folk I see."
"I'm not homeless. I don't need your charity."
Maribeth eyed her searchingly, obviously sceptical for once in her life. "Really? Where do you live then?"
"Over there!" The gnome replied pointing to a nearby house.
"That's Mr. Pulman's house."
"Oh wait! I meant that one!" The gnome pointed to the next house along.
"The Daversham family."
"That one?" Pointing to the next house.
"Old man Carpenter."
"That one over there."
"The Lady with lots of dogs."
"What about that one?"
"I don't think you live there either."

The other gnome sighed and let her head fall in exasperation.
"Come on now." Maribeth said gesturing to the small feast she'd laid out. "Sit. Eat."
The strange gnome eyed the food warily and her eyes strayed to the holy symbols on Maribeth's robe.
"Nope! 's poisoned."
Maribeth looked horrified. "Nooooo! I'd never do that. It's fine. Watch?"

Maribeth reached out and grabbed a roll and started eating it. The other gnome's stomach seemed to growl in response and she chose to glare at it.
"You're a very angry person aren't you?" Maribeth said between bites.
"I have every right to be."
"You should know. I bet I bet your Church tells you all about me. What with their crusade to kill me!"
Maribeth frowned. "You don't look like a big scary dragon. I'm told Deathwing takes the form of a humanish looking man. With big scary glowing eyes." Maribeth pondered for a moment and then shook her head. "I don't think you're Deathwing."
The other gnome stared at her nonplussed for a moment before speaking.
"Are you retarded?"
"No, I'm Maribeth!" She responded cheerfully.
"Gotcha!" the other gnome said rolling her eyes. "They don't tell you much do they?"
"Not as much as I'd like no. Should they tell you about me?"
"Probably best they don't. There are a lot of lies about me." The gnome said sitting down and eating.
"I don't like lies." Maribeth said frowning. "I don't know what to believe anymore."
"Don't I know it. I like to deal in the truth."
"Oh good." Maribeth said brightening. "I like that better."
"Let me tell you something about truth Maribeth. People don't like it. They ignore it when they hear it."
"Why would they do that?"
"Because it scares them. It means things have to change. That they can't go on living the same old, dull life."
"I don't understand." Maribeth's brow contorted as she tried to keep up.
"Not surprising. Tell me, have you met King Varian yet?"
"Nope. I went to see him but he looked scary."
"You have a good judge of character Maribeth. You see the King has spread lies to keep people under control and doing what he says."
"Like what?"
"Like Deathwing." The gnome made a quotation marks gesture over the infamous dragon's name. "Did you know that's not even his real name."
"No." Maribeth replied her attention fully on the other gnome.
"His real name is Neltharion, the Earth Warder. HE's one of the five Dragon aspects entrusted by the titans to watch over Azeroth. But the others were corrupted long ago and they drove him away. Since that happened Azeroth has become filled with evil and suffering."
Maribeth nodded sadly. "A mage told me about another aspect called Malygos who turned evil and had to be killed."
"Exactly!" the other said pointing for emphasis. "Neltharion wants to fix Azeroth and make a new world where everyone can be happy. But the King and the Church Leaders don't want that."
Maribeth gasped in shock. "Why ever not?"
"Because they won't be needed everyone will be happy and safe without having to listen to them. Then they can't have their giant houses and statues of themselves."
"THe King does like statues... but the Church are nice. I go to the cathedral all the time and High Priestess Laurena always talkks to me if I want. She's very nice."
"And she's being lied to."
"Oh." Maribeth started as she remembered something. "But Deathwi- I mean Neltharion, destroyed the park! He killed lots of people all over the world."
"Have you seen him do any of this?"
"Well... no."
"Because it's a lie. All that was done by other Dragons to help discredit him."
"But wouldn't people notice? it wasn't him?"
"Nope. Scared of the truth. If they admit it wasn't him they have to go against the King. And the King's armies."

Maribeth looked at her feet for a while, deep in thought before speaking again.
"What can be done, though?"
"I'm glad you asked." The strange gnome said standing up and dusting off. "Come with me and we'll chat some more."
"Okay!" Maribeth excitedly started gathering her things. "Can I ask questions?"
"Sure as many as you like. It's good to see someone who listens to the truth."
"What's your name?" Maribeth asked beaming proudly.
"My name is Rinu. Rinu Fizzlespark."
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Topic/Postby Lilandris » 09 Jun 2011, 15:29

"Are you retarded?" it made me lulz :Q

Anyway, now I get the feeling that Maribeth is going to turn into a strawman between Rinu and Lil :P
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Tiermaya wrote:"Because they won't be needed everyone will be happy and safe without having to listen to them. Then they can't have their giant houses and statues of themselves."

Must .... resist .... commenting .... about .... catholic church ...... ARGH!!!
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