A Dark Heart: The Rise and Fall of Kalsera Starweaver

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Topic/Postby Tiermaya » 12 Oct 2011, 23:33

A Dark Heart: The Rise and Fall of Kalsera Starweaver

(I've realised Hordie, Kalsera's, background is probably one of the more complex of my characters. It seems a waste not to share it. If Red Bannerites would rather find this stuff out through RP I advise not reading. Otherwise enjoy. Warning: this will probably end up being fairly long.)

The Starweaver Manor, Silvermoon City - 10 Years ago

This wing of the house was startlingly quiet. The human nobles of House Giroval were visiting and both humans and elves bustled back and forth working hard to make things as comfortable as possible for the guests. This however was Kalsera's tower. The High Elf sorceress was well known for her dislike of human and had retreated for the duration of the visit.

Tonight however one young girl climbed the stairs. She was a gangly fifteen year old and suffering from the complete lack of grace that stuck many teens. She hunched forward nervously as she walked and peered ahead apprehensively. The silence here was eerie after having her father servants compete with the Starweavers' staff to prove they could make her more comfortable. The result had been rather suffocating though her younger sister seemed to enjoy the attention. Her mother was less patient.

Coming to the door to the sorceress' bed chamber she briefly wondered if this was a mistake. Would the adult be angry with her for sneaking away. Swallowing and take a deep breath she knocked.

"Enter." Came a slightly slurred voice from the other side. Opening the door revealed a large room crammed with various arcane trinkets and elaborate decorations. A large balcony looked out over Silvermoon's walls to the sea. An ornate telescope stood out there. The sight made the girl gasp and promptly cough and splutter as she realised a strange smelling smoke hung in the air.

The coughing caused the Elven woman lying on the luxurious bed at the head of the room to look up. She was not like the other High Elves the girl had met. The others has been the very image of nobility and finery. This woman seemed almost sinful. Vibrant red hair spilled around her pale face in which sat vibrant blueeyes with pupils that seemed wider than they should be even in the dim light. Her pale skin was in some places covered by a fine robe that left little to the imagination.

The girl was reminded of the stories she'd read of heroes confronting evil temptresses in their lairs. This was not how a wizard's sanctum should be! This was a den of sin! She drew her self up trying not to let her feelings of inadequacy brought on the the Elven woman's body show. She reminded herself she was still growing.

"What do you want?" Kalsera sneered, placing a Hookah to one side.
"I-I-I wanted to talk to you." The girl said. "My name is Lady Tiermaya Girova-" Tiermaya barely managed to duck as the Hookah flew over her head and crashed into the wall behind her.
"That is my sister's name!" Kalsera said angrily. "A human has no right to it."
"I believe your sister approves of me having it." Tiermaya retorted, pushing back the shock of fear that ran through her. "I was named in honour of her was I not. Besides, that was fifteen and a half years ago. It's very much mine now."
Kalsera cackled. "Half a year? Oh listen to yourself. I've lived more than two centuries and you seek to cow me with talk of fifteen measly years?" She sighed. "Fine, what do you want?"

"I want you to teach me magic." Tiermaya replied.
"What?" Kalsera's haughty attitude dropped and her face contorted in a mix of shock and disgust. "And why should I do that?"
"Well I was in the forest today and-"
"Yes, yes. The troll. I know about that. Little girl had a fright and wants to learn to blow stuff up. Very good. Magic is hard you know. There's an entire language you'll need to learn and formulae that'll make your head spin." Kalsera paused. "Literally in some cases."
"I'll not let that stop me. I can either spend my life learning to crotchet and wait for some Lord such and such with lots of money to take a fancy to me or I can do something interesting."
Kalsera mulled this over. "Hmmm. I can't really argue with that. But why me? Why not just go to Dalaran?"
"Well there's that. I'm sure I will in due time but... Well I'd like a bit of a head start. Be ahead of the other appentices."

Kalsera suppressed. Much as she disliked the girl, this attitude was almost impressive. She had a stong personality and seemed more intelligent than one would expect of some human noble brat. She'd likely do well as a mage.
"Besides," continued Tiermaya "Our families have long been friends-"
"Your mother and my sister." Kaksera interrupted again.
"Your mother and my sister are friends. Everything else is just pleasantries."
"Well you're not being particularly pleasant!" Tiermaya folded her arms and fixed Kalsera with a stare that was clearly starting to be affected by the smoke. She then yelped as a hand was laid on her shoulder.

"Calm down, little Tier." Said the newcomer with a smile. Tiermaya Starweaver was the complete opposite of her sister. Her skin was lightly tanned and her hair golden and where Kalsera was haughty and vicious, she was warm and amicable.

"Tier?" She said noting the slight delay in her younger namesakes reactions. "I don't think you should be up here. Go downstairs and get some fresh air and don't let your mother see you like that."

The young noble-woman sheepishly made her way out of the room and her elder namesake closed the door gently.
"I think you should do it?" She said striding out onto the balcony.
"Take her as my apprentice?" Kalsera balked. "Are you mad?"
"Nope. Quite the opposite. I think it'll do you good."
"How exactly?"
"Well, humans are our allies now and they're not as bad as you think." Kalsera scoffed but her sister continued. "They have a certain vitality we do not. They pick things up quickly."
"Even magic?"
"Especially magic. And Tiermaya is a smart girl."
"She has a strong will, I'll give her that. She was clearly terrified but still stood up to me in my own sanctum. I suppose this is where you tell me she's a nice girl."
"Oh heaven's no. She's a spoilt brat." She grinned slyly at Kalsera. "I'm hoping you might knock that out of her a bit."
"Fat chance" Kalsera barked with laughter. "Besides she only wants me to give her a headstart before she goes to Dalaran."
"Well there you go. It won't be for long. It'll make Morawain happy. Which will make me happy."
"Fine, I'll tutor her in the basics. But only because you want it."
"Exellent. Now why don't you join us for the evening meal. We caught it today."
Kalsera narrowed her eyes at her sister. "It's not the Troll is it?"
Tiermaya laughed a made her way to the door. "No it's not the Troll. Now get dressed and come downstairs."

(More to come. I'll be adding to this every in bits and pieces until it's complete. Feel free to comment in the meantime.)
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Topic/Postby Tiermaya » 29 Oct 2011, 03:40

2 months later

In the courtyard of the Starweaver Manor, the sun had not yet risen high enough to shine over the walls leaving the garden dimly lit by an orange sky as the sun rose over Silvermoon.

Summoned by a low whispered chanting the dew drops were pulled from the perches at the top of blades of grass. Slowly they gathered in a swirling pattern that began to form into a rough ball at the centre of the lawn as large as the fist of the young human holding her clenched hand out in front of her as she formed the words of the spell.

Kalsera rolled her eyes and sighed at the concentration causing the young Tiermaya to furrow her brow in an almost pained expression. Such a simple trick demanded only a flick of the wrist and quiet utterance from an experienced mage but a mere novice took time to form the ball.

Tiermaya seemed to sense her teachers growing impatience, her gaze flicking to the elf. She momentarily stopped chanting and tightened her fist. The water ball suddenly condensed into a lump of ice and proceeded to explode causing it's creator to yelp in surprise and duck.

"You'll certainly be good a making things explode." Kalsera remarked noting that the force of the explosion was impressive. The girl had learnt quickly. Humans may have a knack for magic but they seemed to learn it backwards instead of learning finesse first as Kalsera had, the girl possessed little finesse but could already draw a surprising amount of power into her spells. With skill and finesse she could become quite formidable in under a decade. Human mages, Kalsera decided, were somewhat worrying. They learnt too fast to instil them with a genuine fear of their power.

"Perhaps I should try pyromancy?" said Tier clearly unsure whether it was a statement or a question.
"No!" Kalsera blurted out, visions of her family home in flames racing through her mind. Tiermaya's jaw clenched indignantly but she didn't argue. A vast improvement. The girl was arrogant and demanding enough that even Kalsera seemed humble at times in comparison. It was one thing Kalsera could admire about her but infuriated her nonetheless.
"We'll stick with ice based effects but, lets try an attack spell. Down by the shore where there's nothing valuable for you to break. Then you can go home and never use it again until the blowhards at Dalaran say you can."
Tiermaya decided to ignore the sourness in Kalsera's words and let out a squeal of glee.

Kalsera wasn't sure if it was the prospect of learning more "exciting" magic or going home to her twit of a father and ice cold bitch of a mother. Kalsera smiled and lead the way while thinking of various insults for this girl's intolerable mother.

She'd be free soon and not have to deal with any more humans, for a good long while.
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Topic/Postby Tiermaya » 23 Dec 2011, 01:08

Or not. I was an honour to work along some of the greatest mages in the world. And after Silvermoon this was indeed a fine city. The problem with Dalaran intially seemed to be that there were too many humans. Humans were short sighted and insolent. Their strange ability to pick up magic was infuriating and resulted in a lot of young apprentices with a lot of power and very little finesse. She had the perfect chance to watch a prime example. An example she had given a head start.

Tiermaya Giroval had changed considerably since she had been reluctantly trained by Kalsera. She had curves now and the reaction it had drawn from the msle apprentices coupled with the praise of her arcane talent from her teachers had planted the seeds of a considerable ego. Kalsera had merely thought to bring her down a peg or two. Teach her what her proper place was. Perhaps she had gone a little too far. All the apprentices hated her now. Except for one.

That was the greatest problem with Dalaran. Gnomes.

Kalsera sat at her desk alternately glaring at the diminutive apprentice and the bizzare, ramshackle device that was currently leaving oil stains on the floor. Without warning the device shuddered and whirred and spat a gout of oil upwards before falling into a lifeless state again, apparently satisfied that it had demonstrated it's ability to also stain the ceiling.

"Um, if you'd just give me my gyrospanner back I could-" The gnome started.
"No!" Kalsera barked. "Do you know why you're here, Rinu?"
Rinu Fizzlespark chewed her lip and tilted her eyes upward as she thought.
"You do." Kalsera leaned foward to empasise her next words. "Don't you Rinu?"
Rinu stared guilty at the floor, her ridiculously large pig tails obscuring most of her head, and a small, squeaking noise came from the general area where her mouth might be.
"I'm sorry I didn't quite catch that."
"Because the whirl-o-matic 5000 went out of control and destroyed an alchemy lab."
"And why was it i an alchemy lab?"
"Because if I worked on it elsewhere I'd get caught."
"And why is that a problem?"
"Because I'm supposed to be focusing on my studies and not tinkering." Rinu seemed to be doing her best to shrink into her perpetually oil-stained robes.
"Indeed." Kalsera quirked an eyebrow thoughtfully. "Enlighten me Rinu. What is the purpose of this... Whirl-o-matic thingy."
Rinu raised her head and looked at the elf as though she'd asked a stupid question. "It whirls"
Kalsera leaned further over her desk so her chin was inches from the wood. "But why?"
Rinu resumed her lip-chewing and far a way look. "Hmmm. That's a good question. I hadn't really thought that far ahead."
Kalsera let her neck relax so that her forehead thudded into her desk with an angry sigh. It was still less painful than this conversation. Rinu let out a frightened whimper. "Just go." Kalsera said without looking up. "And take that thing with you."

Kalsera let her head rest there as she heard the metallic scraping fade down the corridor.
"I see your studets are quite a handful." Came a familiar voice from the door.
Kalsera's head sprang up as she greeted her elder sister with a smile. Tiermaya Starweaver wore battered scale armour and carried a notched sword at her waist. She looked a mess, as she always did when she was fresh from a military campaign. Despite the leity of her words, her face had a mournful look to it.
"What's wrong?" She asked her brow furrowing.
Tiermaya to a deep breath that caught in her throat as though trying to summon words that pained her.
"I have come with a band of messengers to Prince Kael'thas." She took another pause. "You've felt unwell the last few weeks have you not?"
Kalsera blinked in surprise. "A little. Headaches, lethargy..." she considered her previous conversation "... irrtiability. How did you know?"
"Think carefully, Kalsera. Can you not tell that something that has always been there is now gone?"

The realisation hit Kalsera like a lead weight. All her life she and her people had shared a deep connection to the power of the Sunwell... and now she looked for that connection, it was gone.
"The undead. This... Scourge has attacked Quel'thalas. Only a small remnant of the Quel'dorei now remain. Our forests have been burnt, our homes have been razed and the light of the Sunwell has been extinguished."

Much of what happened next was a blur. The return to Quel'thalas with Prince Kael'thas. In that turbulent time Kalsera changed. The hedonistic sorceress died with her people. What was left behind was a woman consumed by hatred and a thirst for vengeance. In that time the Sin'dorei were born. They broke their ties with the alliance who'd done so little to help them in their time of need and found new allies in the enigmatic Naga.

Blood could only be repaid in blood.
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Topic/Postby Tiermaya » 09 Mar 2012, 00:47

"Are you sure?" Tiermaya asked.
Kalsera looked at her sister and straightened. "Yes. The Prince needs magisters to travel to Outland with him."
Tiermaya made an uncertain noise. "I'm not sure about these naga. And this supposed master of theirs..."
"Illidan Stormrage needs our help in outland and we need his. Without a replacement for the Sunwell our people will-"
"Yes, yes, I know." Tiermaya held up and hand. "I just wish I were going with you. I could still convince my commnder you know."
"No, no. you're more vital here. Our people will need to secure Silvermoon for our return from Outland. With the Ranger-General gone experienced fighters who know the surrounding lands are vital."

Kalsera paced the tent they had set up near the ruins of Dalaran. "I on the other hand, have no real military expertise but can handle and arcane phenomena we find in outland. Think of what I could find. A world soaked in magic in ways Azeroth has never seen.
Tiermaya raised an eyebrow at her sister's growing excitement. As Kalsera spoke of her various expectations her hands began to tremble violently though she did not notice and a strange look crept into her eyes.

For the first time in decades, Tiermaya Starweaver was scared. Of her own sister. She decided right there and then they could not part ways now. But before she could speak out in protest a horn sounded in the distance.

Kalsera cursed. "Garithos' forces are early. We must begin the opening of a portal immediately." She frantically grabbed her possessions and ran to the tent door. She briefly paused and hurried back to embrace her sister.

"Stay safe little sister. I don't know what I'd do without you." Tiermaya said, placing a kiss on Kalsera's forehead,
"And I without you, Maya. But don't worry. When you next see me I shall be a shining exemplar of everything the future holds for our people." She stepped back and placed her right fist over her heart in salute. "Glory to the Sin'dorei."

Tiermaya mirrored the salute and wordlessly watched her "baby sister" leave. But instead of hope or worry she felt only a creeping sense of doom.


After the capture of Mu'ru and her induction into the Blood Knight order, Tiermaya kept having the same dream.

She stood within a mighty fortress. Kalsera ran from her towards a great doorway the exuded darkness and malice. She tried to stop her to give chase but could not reach her sister in time. Upon passing through the doorway she was confronted by a monstrous creature. There was no sign of Kalsera. There was nothing. Only the beast and it's hungry green eyes.

And Tiermaya knew. Something terrible had happened to Kalsera in Outland.
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