At the Faire

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At the Faire

Kalsera came to with the sights and sounds of Darkmmon Faire surrounding her. She could smell dried vomit nearby and the remains of some hot wind were in front of her. A hand gently shook her awake.

"Well this is a far cry from when we first met." Came a haughty voice.
Kalsera jerked up and blinked her eyes to focus on the speaker. The speaker had changed greatly too. Gone was the gangly, awkward teenage girl and in her place an elegant , well dressed and slender woman.

Kalsera jerked back from Tiermaya Giroval and glared.
Not now...
"You've changed Kalsera." Tiermaya said, concern in her eyes.
I'm not supposed to face her like this...
Kalsera stood abrubtly and stalked away. Tiermaya calmy stood and straightened her robe before following.
"It needn't be like this." The young mage continued. "Your people may have joined the horde but-"
Kalsera whirled on Tiermaya shoving her face right up to the others.
"And what does it matter to you?" She growled.
"I owe you. You gave me that headstart all those years ago. That still means something, right?" Tiermaya's expression softened. "And your sister-"
"Do not mention her!" Kalsera roared, drawing stares from nearby revelers. "You are not fit to speak her of her never mind bear her name!"

Tiermaya's jaw tightened with annoyance at being interrupted again.
"I'm sorry for what happened. But do not blame me for my mother's actions."
"Oh no. I don't. I blame you for being a disgrace to the name you carry." Kalsera turned and stalked onto the pier as Tiermaya followed. "A human! And the child of that arrogant bitch too! Oh no you do enough just by being the wretched little stain you are and bearing her name.

"Besides," Kalsera said stopping and turning with a sinister look in her eye. "You mother took someone dear to me away. I intend to return the favour."
Kalsera flung her hand out, a rush of energy thundering towards Tiermaya. With a look of fury in her eyes the mage flicked her hand up creating a shield of arcane energy. A cold feeling formed in the pit of Kalsera's stomach as the Holy energies sippled around the shield and Tiermaya swept out her arm speaking a word of power.

The blast of arcane energy knocked into Kalsera and sent her into a post at the edge of the pier. A sharp pain flared up and she tumbled into the water. Once, Kalsera had been powerful mage. She had been so much more, as well. But that had been taken from her. While she was a shadow of her former self, her pupil had only improved. Tiermaya did not have the skill and finesse Kalsera once had, but far outstripped the Elf in terms of raw power.

It's hopeless... She thought as she sank. She began to let go as strong arms grabbed her and pulled her up. She felt a rush of air as she was dragged ashore and heard voices.
"Stupid elf!"
"No fights round here lady! You deserved that!"
"Her leg is broken. Let's get her to a healer."

Kalsera ignored them and glared through the crowd. As she walked away, Tiermaya gave her one last glance and shook her head sadly. And Kalsera felt only rage.
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