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Rinu looked forlornly at her cobbled together mole machine as it drifted down the river. Well that was a bust. It was supposed to come out at the bottom of the ocean. Nobody would ever find there. But something had gone wrong. The co-ordinates on the dashboard of her now lost mole machine and her map (on of the most detailed and accurate she could steal from the Stormwind library) told her that she was in the middle of the ocean. So why was there solid ground beneath her feet? It didn't look like it was even near the sea but, then with all this mist she couldn't see five feet in front of her.

A sharp pain shot through Rinu's gut and she promptly threw up. She studied the result with a perplexed expression. She hadn't eaten anything in... Well, the fact that she couldn't remember kinda demonstrated things well enough. It was mostly blood anyway. Not good but at least it was red now. Her blood hadn't been red for a long time.

Fel magic does that to you. Ever since Hathuun led her to the Dark Portal it had been destroying her body while keeping her alive. Had it not been for Rhyme and Punishment the excess fel magic in her body would have been released in a great explosion, killing her and damaging the defences at the portal in the process.

Her guild mates had saved the day though. So now all that power had nowhere to go. Or so she thought. It had been leaking away for years. A shame. She was adept tinker and competent arcanist, but her fearsome power as a warlock had derived from the energy within her turning her into something less than natural. She had taken to eating and pretending to sleep so that others didn't notice she didn't need such things any more. When she realised she may no longer count as a gnome she'd taken to drink to make the question go away.

She needn't have worried. She was still a gnome, she now realised. She'd just temporarily had an alternate source of sustenance. When she'd begun to weaken she fled into the catacombs and let her demons guard her. Eventually they left her as she could no longer control them. When casting spells began to give her migraines she realised she was no longer drawing upon the energy inside of her and was instead tapping into her own life force. The ability to draw on mana was apparently beyond her.

So she ran away. To somewhere nobody could find her. And she'd failed. She didn't know where she was but it was somewhere. And people could find her in somewhere. She'd been walking a while when the the ground flew upwards and slammed into her face. It was okay, she was too tired to walk anyway. She felt oddly cold. It was getting hard to breath.

She remember her guild. She remembered that night she met Pepple, Claresta and their friends. They taught her about moonwells and bought her her first beer. Then she became a "rhymer" and met all sorts of people. They'd saved her at the dark portal and watched from afar as she subsequently began to lose her memory. She remembered Bynji, the only real friend she'd ever had. And she remembered how said friend had tried to kill her. There had been a valuable lesson there. Friends are a bad idea.

She'd made it an important point to hate the other members of Rhyme and Punishment and to make them hate her. And now she'd never see them again. No more short jokes. No more death threats from Lilandris. No more pranks on unsuspecting newbies who didn't know her. No more suspicious glares.

Why did that make her feel so bad. Was she really so weak of spirit she needed other to validate her. She should want to be alone. Other people just hurt you.

As she was thinking and definitely not crying because she didn't do that, the mist began to clear and the sun came out. Wherever she was, it was pretty. And the sun was nice and warm. She tried to look around but couldn't lift her head.

Never mind, Rinu thought, this is still quite pleasant.

And then as everything started to grow darker, Rinu closed her eyes and smiled.
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Awwwh she really hates Lil with a passion and Lil hates her back :3

Good read as well! keep up the good work :)
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