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Return to active duty

A few months ago...

Stormwind Trade District was busy this morning. A particularly dimiutive gnome ducked away from a stall selling seeminly random junk but the toolbox she placed her purchases ion suggested she didn't see them as useless junk. She made her way out into the canals and found a spot to sit and dangle her weary legs from the edge. Pulling an apple from her backpack she began to eat it cheerily.

She was happier than bshe could ever remember being. People rarely glanced at her these days. She had a small room she rented from a dwarf who let their sole interaction be her slipping rent under his door every month plus the cost of the occasional unexpected explosion. For the first time in a decade she did not have the sense that somebody was following her. She hadn't heard any voices in months. Dare she say it? She was getting better.

Life was good. No magic. No demons. No pushy blonde noble women to-

"You're looking well, Rinu." Came a womans voice from behind her. It had the hint of a stormwind nobles accent and the owner had once gone to lengths to try hiding that. Rinu craned her neck right back to look at the owner.

When she had first met Solantra Giroval she had been a skinny, cocky teenager. She'd grown up. A lot. Lady Solantra wore a exactly the kind of dress one would expect a noble woman to wear while out in public. Which surprised Rinu. The Solantra she knew and hated was nothing like her elder sister.

"Nope." Rinu said with a sigh, standing to walk away. She found her path barred by a monkey. "What the-?"
"I need you help, Rinu."
"I know we've never gotten on but-"
"But you're the only person I can rely on, as strange as that-"
"Nope nope nope nope nope!" Rinu was finding the monkey particularly hard to get past as he danced into her path each time she moved.

"Why not?" Solantra sighed
"Nop- Because I'm done with your crazy ass family. You know House Giroval has zero credibility at court right?"
"Yup" Solantra beamed proudly.
"See? Crazy!" Now go tell your sister I don't everwant to hear from her again."
"That's the problem. I can't"
"You two fall out again?"
"I don't think so," Solantra shrugged "she's missing."
"Say what now?"
"She went all concientious objector during the war in Pandaria and nobody's seen her since."
"Yay." Rinu deadpanned. "So you're tired of running a noble houseand what big sister to come back so you can be lazy again?"
"Pretty much." There was not a hint of shame on Solantra's face. Rinu had to admire that.

Rinu thought for a moment. "Why me?"
"You and her have a history and a tendency to run into each other without trying. Imagine if you tried."
"Now the important part." Rinu looked up at Solantra gravely. "Why would I help you find that royal pain in the arse?"
"Not royal."
"House Giroval aren't a royal household-"
Solantra smiled. "There's the little ball of rage I know and fear."
"Answer the damn question!"
"Well I noticed you've turned your hand to engineerting again."
"And you're good at it but you don't have the money to back it."
"I also noticed you've dropped the whole warlock thing and gotten back into regular magic."
"No choice really, lost my power."
"And you suck at it without demonic shortcuts."
"Damn it!"
"I have money. I have money and connections in Dalaran." Solantra smiled sweetly and leaned in "I already got them to remove the exile order on you. Imagine if my sister were back home and I had the time to set a lucky gnome with a workshop there and personal tutor in the arcane."

Rinu stared sullenly at Solantra for a moment. "Really? Pandaria?"
Solantra looked sheepish. "I know I don't want to go back ether."

To be continued...
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