multiboot USB

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Topic/Postby Tormeron » 13 Dec 2015, 21:30

multiboot USB

Hey friends,

I guess some of you know it by now, but i love posting guides to interesting stuff i find online.

This software actually is quite old but it has been kept up to date kind of...

The software I'm referring to is called Yumi!

What this software enables you to do is to create a multiboot USB with all those pesky OSes installers so installing another PC will be a breeze, connect the USB drive, choose the windows you wish to install from the boot menu, and since it's on USB it will work much much faster than a CD / DVD.

you can find this software here, and as long as you have a legal copy of windows It is legal to create for yourself copies, and or create a faster installation media. (plus, some mini pcs come without a cd / dvd drive!)
I am pretty sure windows 10 doesn't yet have support in this program, but it will soon i think, they are keeping up to date with things.

Using it is a breeze, just make sure the USB drive you are going to use is empty, since the first time it will need to format your USB drive in order to make it bootable to the menu, after that you can copy back your stuff, and add software to it as you go.

Running this software on an already multiboot USB drive it created will just add another OS to the list, it won't delete the old one, you can also use the software to remove a certain software from the drive easily without any headaches.

Not all OSes are supported, but most used Linux distros are supported and windows xp, 7, 8 are supported.

I'm using it for Linux distros multiboot, quite fun to test out various features in each OS.
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