Coalbrow: the Demon Sword

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Topic/Postby Gergel » 06 May 2014, 08:31

Coalbrow: the Demon Sword

(Cross-reference with this post in Tormeron's Events thread, and this post for background.)

A scouting party, including Coalbrow, discovered a dying man lying near the Pools of Aggonar at Hellfire Peninsula. He'd been stabbed with a sword, which is pulled out by one of the adventurers. The weapon gleamed with green fel energy. The dying man's blood immediately dripped off it leaving the blade in a pristine, clean condition. It was obviously demonic so the person who had picked it up, discarded it in disdain.

Coalbrow wrote:Whoever pulled the sword from the soldier's wound threw it away immediately after discovering it's cursed nature. Shortly after our scouting party departed the location, Coalbrow sneaked back and picked the sword back up with much enthusiasm.

After applying a few simple curse control methods (a hex from a friendly witch doctor here, a blessing from a friendly priest there, a few fronds of stranglekelp (HERB!!!) around the pommel), Coalbrow deemed the sword safe to carry. Surprisingly, he was even fairly proficient in using a blade. It was not exactly a dagger, but close enough.

It did not take him long to notice an imp following him (or possibly the demonic sword) around, trying to remain hidden and failing. At first Garr thought the demon was trying to ambush him and attempted to catch and smoosh it, but it always stayed just out of range. Then, just as 'Brow was battling a tiger somewhere in Pandaria and another tiger had decided to join the fray, a series of rather impressive firebolts scorched the newcomer quite badly, which allowed 'Brow to finish both opponents off by stabbing them with the demon blade. The imp looked quite confused at its own actions.

So Coalbrow consulted with an... acquaintance... of his, and was taught a spell that would allow him to control a demon. The imp seemed actually relieved when he was "officially" inducted into the dwarf's service.

"Ah dink we need ta keep dis a bit secret," Coalbrow thought to himself. He'd never been particularily holy in his priestly ways, always mostly hiding in the Shadow, but crossing the line to what was essentially warlock-hood might make some people lift an eyebrow, and not necessarily in a good way.
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Liked this post very much!
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