Tale of Shilin, the warrior

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Tale of Shilin, the warrior

Shilin picked up her axe, beginning to sharpen it with the tools she had and fell in to the swirling of the thoughts in mind. What happened that morning was strange to her, unbeliavable even, for she couldn't understand fully why her kin would threaten each other in such tedious way. Questions, too many questions in her mind that she tried to shoo away. She couldn't find the answers now, could she? Shilin let out a sigh and peered at the shining axe. Even those gnomes she met were somewhat difficult to understand. Especially that Tweaks, she thought, I wonder what goes in that little gnomette's mind. And what business she really has to do with me? I must be more cautious from now on.
"Ar' ye done yet?" she heard a rough voice behind her. She peered over her shoulder at the dwarf and nodded slightly. "Uhm.. yes, I'm done," she replied tasting the words in her mouth. It will take a while to get used to this language, she sighed and stood up, gathering her belongings quickly and went to the stables where her elekk was being held for. She paid the price of twenty silver that she tought was too much but she didn't complain. She had to set foot again to continue investigating these new lands. So much to do, she sighed. How am I to find time to write my research reports?


Trying to concentrate on the blank parchment infront of her, Shilin bit the tip of the quill in thought before laying it down next to the parchment without having written anything on it.
"Miss Shilin?"
"Oh," she sighed and peered up. "Good to see you, Narisha. How has the day been to you?"
"Better than ever, Miss Shilin," Narisha replied with a curtsey. "Lord is waiting for your report. Is it finished?"
"No," Shilin mumbled and pointed at the parchment. "Not even started. It has been difficult to begin with! All these strange creatures and our new Allies. I've met a very strange gnomes even."
"And how has your learning Common been?"
"Extremely difficult, truly, I find it distrurbing to speak in that tongue when I understand quite enough yet can't produce anything reasonable in that tongue."
"It will take time, I hear," Narisha smiled and placed the bottle of the sweet wine on the table and peered at the parchment. "You better start with it soon."
"I know. Lord wont be pleased if I'm late with it," Shilin sighed and glanced at the unsealed bottle with a smile. "Thank you."
"You're most welcome, Miss Shilin," her servant smiled and with a low curtsey Narisha left the room. Shilin stared at the door for a brief moment before turning to the parchment again.


"Ah, Miss Shilin!" he came to her with a warm greeting and kissed her hand gently. "What brings you under my shelter this fine evening?"
"My Lord, I'm here to bring my report," Shilin replied firmly and began to search her bags for the sealed envelope. She was interrupted by his hands as he lay them on her shoulders and he pulled her to a crushing hug she didn't expected to recieve. "My Lord?" she shrieked in surprise and he let her go reluctantly.
"Oh, I am sorry," he grinned. "I am pleased to see you well! Now where is that report?"
She rolled her eyes before handing the envelope to him. He took it with excitement, heading to sit at his chair and leaned back. Flashing a smirk at her he opened the envelope but that smile faded as quickly as it was seen.
"What? One of the draenei threatening a priestess of Light?!" he shouted and peered at Shilin. "Is this true?"
"Yes, my Lord, I saw it with my own eyes in Stormwind," she replied keeping her head low. "This draenei wanted her to shut up and would've probably succeeded doing so with a leather ball if I hadn't interfered."
"Good job, Miss Shilin!" he clapped his hands together in satisfaction and continued to read the report. "And these gnomes?"
"They were interesting creatures, I must say," Shilin nodded. "Though this Tweaks seems a bit suspicious to me. I am not sure what this business is she wishes my cooperation with, and I am reluctant to agree to it."
"Hrm, I can see that. Keep your heads up, soldier."
"I will be cautious with her."
"Good, very good," he eyed the report once more before folding it. "You didn't come up with much this time."
"I'm sorry," Shilin sighed. "There wasn't much to report."
"I understand," he smiled. "These are hard times for all of us. Now, off you go! There is plenty to see of this new world!"
"Yes, My Lord," she gave him a low curtsey. "Blessings upon you!" With that she left and as she closed the door behind her she let out a deep sigh. "Until we meet again, father."
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