Lost Spirit

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Lost Spirit

"You will find cure up north," they said. "To know of the blood of Yogg'saron and how it affects you must go there. They will know."

She griefed in pain, struggling through the snow. Her frostsaber had abandoned her at the Star's Rest and desbite her tries to retrieve it back she were turned away, almost killed, due to the disease she was carrying.

"Do not spread that plague over here!" they had yelled at her. The voices in her mind made her go in frenzy, and she killed the few elves who stood before her way. After the bloodshed she stood above the corpses. She faced the remaining elves who had stood far enough to not be slain by the furious shaman.
"I am the blade, bringer of death! Do not stand on my way!"

A grunt of pain followed by various words of curses and praises to the Old God. She stared at her destination, the high tower of the dragons, the refuge of her safety.

You are the blade, the bringer of death! Destroy the dragons! Kill them all!

"I am the blade," she muttered as she took another step towards the tower. "The bringer of death!" She shouted furiously, taking hold of the axes at her belt drawing them and readying herself in battlestance. "Kill them all!"

A loud screech from above distracted her and she quickly turned around throwing a bolt of lighting towards the frostwyrm that was descending towards her. Another screech from the beast and then a blast of cold breath landed towards her freezing her solid on the ground.


The sensation that went through her was thrilling. She could hear another voice within her mind now calling for her name. Asking her to slaughter and kill in his name. The place she awoke was unfamiliar yet she felt familiarity within it, the stench of death.

"Speak initiate," she heard a hollow voice speaking directed at her. She stood up then kneeled before the human. Closing her eyes for a brief moment she felt the sensation again and she grinned.
"This sensation, overwhelming! I want to learn more!"
"Grab a sword and do as I say initiate," the human laughed maniacly. "Then we shall see if you are worthy joining the Lich King's army or not, Sarani. Get on with it!"
"Death to the living!" she saluted the human.


Carrying on a task after another Sarani proved to the Scourge that her precise strikes and swift reactions were useful.

Then became the time of the battle where it was all tested, and there her eyes were opened and a screech so loud went across the plagued lands when she what she had became off.

Swearing to have her revenge not only for Lich King himself for making her what she became but vowing to slay Yogg'saron to have brought her on the path of a death knight.

"I swear, Lich! I swear that one day I will have my revenge on you!" she yelled, picking up her runeblade and pointed it at north. "And you, Yogg'saron! Your blood cursed my flesh and mind, thus I shall slay you for you brought me upon this path of undeath!"

OOC notaries;
As Sarani has been moved away, I thought to make her up as a DK on Moonglade and as I had some storyline going on her some time ago thought it would be a good start for this story as well about how she turned into one.
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