Curse of the Haven

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Curse of the Haven

The family of Haven was born in the northern parts of the Gilnean city. They were merchants, selling exotic goods from the other parts of the world. This was before the city was sealed. The following story is told with view points of related individuals, yet always when either Leatrice or Amiela, or both are present.
Enjoy the story as it unfolds the secrets of the family Haven.

~Haven 1~

"To polish a gem," Malena said and looked at Leatrice meaningfully, "you need the right tools but also the right mindset. You must be careful with what you do. Do not break it or crack it. Any difference is a fault and thus it renders the gem useless."
"Can it not be shaped to perfection even if it is at fault?" Leatrice asked but only received a harsh slap on her cheek. She yelped in pain and held her cheek, feeling the warmth of the strike on it.
"No!" Malena shouted angrily. "Any gem at fault is rendered useless. Do as you are told, and do NOT question me again!"
"Yes, mother," Leatrice murmured. She straightened her back and took hold of the tools she had been given. Hearing the footsteps of her mother she looked at her angrily and saw Malena picking up the youngest child in her arms. Amiela had it easy, Leatrice frowned, and stared at the tools in her hands. Her sister wasn't required to do anything else in the house, apart from aiding their mother at the store.

"She hit you again?"
Leatrice was startled. She looked straight at her father who smiled at her. Jason walked closer and eyed her from above, his hands were in his pockets.
"I think it is time," he said quizzically. Leatrice looked at him curiously.
"Time for what?" she asked and stood up.
"Our caravan is leaving in two days and our previous courier has fallen ill," Jason said and then poked Leatrice's forehead with his finger. "I will ask you to take his place and deliver the goods as promised."
Her eyes brightened as her heart jumped, and she felt the glee inside her. Her grin widened but one glance at her mother playing with Amiela sent a frost over her. Leatrice pouted and lowered her gaze.
"Are you sure you will let me go?" she asked quietly, a hint of worry in her voice. "What of the rumours that the travellers bring?"
"You have nothing to worry about," Jason smiled. "It has been decided, and Malena has no say in this, Leatrice. She will abide."
Leatrice grinned widely but her smile fades.

"Abide to what?" Malena walked in and sees Leatrice standing, instead of working. "Did I not..."
"Malena!" Jason shouts angrily, startling them all. "That is enough. You will not raise your hand or voice against our oldest anymore."
"Jason! You must understand..."
"No, Malena," he interrupted her again. "Do you not see that our child has done a perfect job at all times? Have you failed to notice that our most perfect jewelleries comes from the gems that you have discarded?"
Malena gasped and tried hard to find words, but couldn't find any. She shook her head in disbelief before lowering her gaze, nodding in defeat. She took a deep sigh before looking at her husband again, pouting. "Caravan is leaving in two days," she said sternly. "Where is our courier? He should be here to sign the contract!"
"She is right here," Jason replied and placed his hand on Leatrice's shoulder firmly. "It is time for her to see more than the walls of our home, and the nearby streets of our city."
"Jason!" Malena gasps. "She is a jeweller. She can't possibly fend of the dangers out there! You know what the others speak of. I don't want her to get in the middle of it."
"Mother," Leatrice spoke and bit her lip. "Think of all the designs and ideas I can bring with me. I am more than ready to see the world outside!"

Malena looked at her and sighed. "This is it? This is what I have to abide to?" she frowned and turned around before walking away. Amiela watched over her shoulder, holding on and looking at her sister and father with a sad, puzzled face. Leatrice grinned at her and then looked at her father.
"Will I be alright?"
"You remember Deacon, the huntsman?"
Leatrice nods and smiles.
"He will protect you from any harm."
"Promise," Jason nodded and touched her nose with his fingertip.

~Haven 2~

Her hand was sweating from holding the toy in her hand as she gripped it tightly. With her other she held to the folds of Malena's dress as they stood outside of their dwelling. Three horses waited for their riders and one carriage for the coachman. Amiela was scared of the big horses but she watched her sister in awe. Leatrice was clad in dark leather and a long cloak was wrapped around her shoulders. On her belt hang a sheathed longsword and a small, brown pouch.

"You will go to Stromgarde," Jason briefed Leatrice. "Deliver the goods there and return. I think it will take about two weeks. Understood?"
"Yes, father," she nodded in understanding.
"Deacon! I trust that you take good care of our daughter," Malena said sadly and held Amiela close to her. "You will return her in good health, wont you?"
"Of course, ma'am," Deacon tipped his hat to her. He wore heavier leather and mounted his stallion. He looked down at Leatrice and smiled with a smirk. "Are you ready, miss?"
"Yes, sir!" Leatrice beamed and mounted her black stallion. She caressed the mane of her steed as she looked down at her family. "I bid you farewell now. I will see you again when I return!"
"Be safe, Leatrice, and take care!" Jason smiled. "We will see your return in two weeks!"

Amiela swallowed her tears and remained quiet. As the caravan began to move she waved at them, watching them moving closer the borders and then disappearing from sight. She hid her frown and bit her lips until it bled.
"Oh, look at you!" Malena sighed theatrically. "Come on now, off you go!" She urged Amiela to go back inside.
"I will have a look at the shop," Jason uttered and smiled. "Tell the servants to prepare a feast."
"Of course, dear," Malena smiled and straightened her back. "You will return before it is ready?"
Amiela frowned and looked at her father pleadingly. As he paid no attention from her, she strode inside their house quietly, closing the door behind her. Kingsley barked happily and hurried to her. Amiela smiled and ruffled her mane. "At least you are here with me," she sighed. "At least you listen." Amiela took off her shoes and jacket. She walked through the hallway and to the living room, where she took a seat from her favourite chair. She gazed at the fire, Kingsley lay down on the floor before her. "Mama is a big fuss around me, ain't she, Kingsley?"

Amiela looks at the hallway, hearing footsteps nearing the room. She quickly takes hold of the book that she had taken with her, and opens it from where she had left it. Amiela pretended to read it and watched Malena smiling at her as she walked past to the kitchen door. "Make haste! Prepare a feast," she shouted orders. "We have guests tonight."
"Mama?" Amiela tried to catch her attention. "Will you teach me to make clothes?" she asked when Malena looked at her. Her mother sighed and sat down on the high-back chair before the fireplace.
"Not now, Amiela," Malena sighed. "Not now."
"But mama..."
"It is so dreadful!" she quivered. "I am worried sick already."
"Sis will be alright," Amiela murmured, but she wasn't sure either. She bit her lip and sighed, asking her again: "Will you teach me?"
"Oh Amiela," Malena smiled faintly and dried the tears from her eyes. "Come here." She caressed Amiela's hair once she was sitting on her lap. "Alright, I will teach you when you are old enough. When the time comes, you must work hard, and always remember: perfection is the key to success."
"I know, mother," Amiela nodded and Malena smiled at her.
"Now, go and prepare your dinner wear, my dear. We have guests tonight."

~Leatrice 1~

Leatrice looked over her shoulder once they were over the border of Gilneas. She shivered, and turned her gaze at Deacon who was watching her from a distance.
"Are you alright?" he spoke loudly. Leatrice gave her home one last glance and urged her steed to move forward. "Keep up," Deacon said with a grin. "We must not let the goods come to a harm. There are bandits, and worse."
"What could be worse?" Leatrice muttered and let out a sigh.
"You look pale."
"I just had a dread feeling," she said quietly and fought the urge to look back again. "But it's nothing, right? Everything will be fine."
"Unless that rain catches us before night," Deacon nodded and pointed at the darkening sky ahead of them. "Which it might."

Leatrice eyed the sky and nodded. She rode in silence and eyed the men with whom she was travelling. There was Deacon Rochford, handsome young man whose jokes brought laughter to the other two. He was at least six years older than her. Beside him rode Colin Ryker, known for his excellent marksmanship. Colin held his rifle close to him at all times. Some people say that he couldn't sleep without it being in his bed with him. Leatrice snorted to the thought. Colin was a harsh looking man and someone she wouldn't want to get into fight with. Cob Burnsworth held the reins of the carriage. He was an old man and a trusted friend of Jason's. Leatrice relaxed and smiled, feeling herself secure. She rode at the back, watching the three laughing and eyeing the surroundings. The road stretched forward, and it was silent.

Too silent.

Deacon stopped, raising his hand. Leatrice looked around, alarmed. Colin sniffed the air and commanded his horse, they rode ahead. Leatrice felt fear and rode closer to Deacon, who nodded at her quietly and hushed her before she could even say anything. They waited, peering around. Cob took hold of his rifle and began to load it. Soon they heard a gunshot, and sounds of panicked horses. They all stared at the direction and soon saw that Colin ran towards them.

"Stay here!" Deacon commanded, and Leatrice knew it was meant for her. Cob stepped down and pointed at the carriage. "Keep it safe, girl," he grunted and ran. Deacon urged his horse to a gallop. Leatrice stared after them, uncertain what to do, when a shot hit her horse.
"Oh, no, no!" she yelled when the horse fell, and she hit the ground hard.
"Leatrice!" Colin shouted. Deacon cursed and shot at the bandit that was coming towards him, firing his firearm repeatedly. "Go!" Colin told Deacon. "Go!" Colin repeated angrily and Deacon rushed back to the wagon. Leatrice tried to get up, she blinked and froze. Tall man clad in dark leather and wearing a mask stood above her, pointing a gun at her.

"Well, well, what do we have here?" the man grunted hoarsely. "Didn't expect the Haven to send a girl to do a man's job."
"Get away from her!" Deacon shouted and rode close, pointing his rifle at the man. "Drop your gun, now!"
"Well, if it isn't mister Rochford!"
Deacon swallowed, stared at the man, then at the boys and cursed.
"You are outnumbered," the man continued and looked at the girl. "Who is she?"
"None of your goddamn business, Roy!" Deacon answered angrily. Colin was brought to them badly hurt and Cob was nowhere in sight. Leatrice held her head as she tried to get up again. "Don't move, dear," Roy said with a grin, and he removed the mask. "Concussion is a bad thing."
"Put that rifle away, boy," he said to Deacon. "You can't do a thing to me." Roy nodded at his henchmen who pulled Deacon off his horse and took away his gun. "Now, if you would be so kind as to tell who she is and where you are heading, I might actually spare your life. Again."
"She is Haven," Deacon grunted and shook his captors off him. "We are heading to Stromgarde."

Roy stared at him. Leatrice lay still, frowning and hoping that the man would lower his gun. His eyes darted between Deacon and her, before he did as she had hoped. "That's a fool's errand," he said after a long silence. "You won't make it there."
Deacon and Colin exchanged looks. "So the rumours are true?"
"Of war?" Roy holstered his gun and told his men to do so as well. "It is raging. Hillsbrad is overrun. You won't get through that." He looked at his two men who had been looking at the carriage. "What's in there?"
"Goods," the other said and stood up. "Usable."
"Right," Roy sighed deep and looked at his men. "Get the carriage to our cave. We will look at it closely there." He looked at Deacon. "If you really, really need to get to Stromgarde, we know a way, but it's dangerous and long, and I'm coming with you. Now we must all rest, especially her. Do you understand?"
Deacon nodded. He knelt over Leatrice and eyed her. "How are you feeling?"
"Hurt," she murmured, and tried to move again.
"Don't," Deacon stopped her. "Your leg is broken."
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