A Fragment of Imagination

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A Fragment of Imagination

Excerpt from a notebook.
Had I not thought of this I would have not realised how important it is to actually have faith in something; in anything and everything, without naming it directly. And as long as I can have those days of enjoyment, the life itself has a point and no one knows where we end up when we die.

I do not talk about believing in things that probably never happened, or in beings that we are not even certain that they ever existed. I could probably say that I have faith in everything, and I can't give a name to it because there isn't one that would describe it best.

But what if everything we believe in is just a fragment of our imagination? That perhaps the life itself isn't real but only a passing moment that has its beginnings and ends. That whenever someone dies a new life is given to someone else. And if we believe in reincarnation, the soul of every being lives on forever and ever. Or when one dies and finds peace, they will find themselves in the paradise of their own.

What if everything we had our faith on was only a fragment of the imagination, and that beyond everything else was so vague and fragile that it shatters the very moment we die? And if in that moment we realise how wrong we were with everything; the life itself would seem pointless.

What if we have faith in everything and live our lives to the fullest, enjoying every second of it if possible, we will die at peace but never without pain. And death shouldn't be anything to be afraid of. But I guess people aren't afraid of the unknown; that is what happens to them when they die, but that they are afraid of losing the precious things. Afraid that everything we hold on to disappears.

To be afraid of something that doesn't happen, then perhaps we have been mistaken all these years forgetting the mistakes we have made, and repeating them over and over again.

But life itself is so fragile that we must have faith and treat it well, for we only have a lifetime to live in this broken world, and that we must treasure above all else in the world.
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