The Spellbinder

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The Spellbinder

This is the story of Sarani the Spellbinder, agent to the Consortium and Exodar Artificer.

She fiddled with the gears delicately, placing each in their place within the device, building it piece by piece. She had patience for it, that much was certain, but her thoughts were with Shaejana. She had not seen her in many days now, wondering where she might've disappeared. Sighing, she sealed the core, encasing it in a purple metal. She eyed it, wondering if she had succeeded in creating a transportation device that'd take here wherever she wanted to.

"Here goes nothing," she gulped, pressing the button in the middle of the case. There was a blast of thunder, a bright light and she saw herself laying back on the floor, having hit her head very badly in the desk apparently. She grunted, peering at the device. Something had gone wrong, and it was bad one, at that. She stood up, oddly calm and walked to the device. She gazed at it for a moment before she threw it away, frowning angrily. Her reflection in the nearby mirror scared her, though. She recognised herself, yet something was different. She lifted her hand, touched her skin, but she couldn't think of what was wrong. Shaking her head she stood up and walked outside, greeting the calm breeze of summer air with a stern face.

[INDENT]Somewhere in Netherstorm...[/INDENT]

Her back was aching, the pain reflected to every limb and she was unable to move. She opened her eyes, groaning at the pain and the blinding light that flashed time to time around her. She peered at the roaming sky, seeing the nether swirling around her in ominous way. There was familiarity in that place, yet she couldn't place the feeling into a memory.

Her attempt to stand became futile and she remained on the ground, the stone didn't provide a good bed however and she seemed to be in clear sight to everyone that would walk in the wasted land of Netherstorm. She considered herself lucky that the Consortium found her, took her to a shelter nearby and then delivered her to the Stormspire to recover further.

Having been healed she walked around the settlement, still not allowed to leave the spire. They had not told her why, even though she had asked for an explanation. She resumed to do what she could for the Consortium, aiding them as best as she was able to. They noticed her affinity to the arcane energies and reluctantly taught her everything they could in exchange for the aid she gave to them. Months after she was called to speak with the trade prince, the audience she received was rare and exceptional, and thus she felt honoured for the call.

"We've been observing you for these months," he spoke, his voice ominous from within the fabrics. "As we've been observing you for many years, now. It is odd to find you here when our reports tell that you died in Northrend, and that you were raised as a death knight. Yet you are here, strong in magic. What can you tell of this change that has come upon you, Sarani?"

She looked up, puzzled at what she heard. "I am.. Sarani? Is that my name?" she blurted out in surprise. It was the first time she heard that name, and she felt strange familiarity towards it, feeling as if it did belong to her. "It is my name," she nodded low, confused. The ethereal looked at her, but what went in his mind wasn't seen, the expressions hidden well. "I remember a device that I built? And... then I found myself here, in Netherstorm. That's all."

"Device such as this?" he conjured up an image of the said device, and Sarani nodded as she recognised it. "Our agents report that it exploded, yet something had changed in you. You were emotionless, so to speak. Apart from anger and hatred."

"That sounds horrible," she gaped, closing her eyes. She hid her tears well, but the sound of her weeping was quite clear to those present. "Why are you telling me this?"

"Because it is the least we can do for you," he replied sternly. "As it is something that you must know before you return to those who walk under the banner of Rhyme and Punishment."

"I... but I haven't repaid your generosity! I still owe you," she murmured, looking up at the ethereal. "I am grateful for all the help you have given to me, but I owe you my life. Let me serve as your agent out there, and for all the gems I sell, I'll give a portion of the profit to you."

"Very well, Sarani. We agree to your proposition. You're dismissed. Leave at you will," he looked down on her and she stood up, saluting him in respect. She left his presence and walked to her flat, eyeing it carefully. She sighed deeply, somewhat reluctant to leave the safety of the spire but she realised that it wasn't here where she'd stay, it was not her place. Gathering up the few belongings she had received and bought while in the spire, she resorted to opening up a portal to Shattrath through which she left, leaving the odd past behind herself to begin a new page in her strange life.
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