Tales of a Silent City

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Tales of a Silent City

I hate the city. I hate people. I hate imps.

When can a man sleep in peace when he's tired? Fine! It's the city. People do business, talk in corners and gossip about anyone under the sunshine; but do they really have to scream at the top of their lungs like the city walls are coming down?

"Selling weapon enchants for 40 gold coins!"

Great. It's a bargain and will make someone very happy with a glowing pointy stick. But then he screams it again after ten bloody seconds. And again. And again. I heard you the first time dammit! Do you really have to be right under my room window? It's a big city for the love of Medivh! Go shout somewhere else if you can't seem to sell anything in this corner!

Finally he moves, or gets robber, killed whatever, and I manage to fall asleep for five minutes. The I feel a tug on my sleeve. I open my eyes and I see Pipmir staring at me with his usual stupid grin and filthy teeth.

"I'm hungry!" he says.

Hungry??! You've eaten four squirrels an hour ago and you could barely walk! I had to carry you around to the Inn .. you greedy unsatiable bastard!

I try to ignore him, turn to the other side, and close my eyes in an attempt to pick up my sleep again ... "I'm hungry!"

Gah! Fine! Next time I'll get you a fat gnome and he'll last you for two whole days! I toss him a smelly fish I caught earlier in a corner, and that seemed to amuse him for a while. It's true it stinks, but it's better than his breath in my face anyways. I'll survive ... I hope!

I'll go hunting for some unsuspecting gnome tomorrow. We're being invaded lately, so I'm sure one less won't be missed.
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