An oozeling is for life, not for Winterveil.

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Topic/Postby Shevron » 24 Jul 2008, 08:55

An oozeling is for life, not for Winterveil.

I'm not a person that likes having pets around. They smell, they eat and they poop. Having those cloud-headed demons around is already enough of a chore to drive me insane!

Still I've heard of a rumour that the oozes in Felwood can be tamed if you can find a baby one and feed it right. They eat poop mostly, so that won't be a problem with Pipmir around and his feeding patterns!

Having a pet ooze you see has many advantages. It's cheap since you feed it poop, it looks disgusting so it keeps people off, and it makes noises which keeps even more people off! It's a bargain I tell you!

Yes, I hate people. I've made it clear a number of times and will keep insisting on it. A lot of fellow Rhymers say that I'm unsociable and grumpy. So be it. I don't care you see! People are nosey, the lie, they smell and they steal. I will have my oozeling now, and I will be finally left in peace.

Until some nosey one starts asking where I got it from, then some meat roasting will ensue. I may not be a fire-mage, but I can deal with some minor firespells all right!

I'll fly to Felwood with first light tomorrow. I'll have to remember to gag Pipmir before I'll fly or he'll never shut up.
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