The Cast

Take a look into the life of a not-so-ordninary servant of the light!

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The Cast

So this here, inspired by Sarawr's post in her own thread, is basically bios of any and all of my notable characters, I might even do some IC interviews with them at some point, and if I'm feeling generous I'll even put in some "known associates" (i.e. characters that exist or have existed at some point that may have popped up in RP over the years) Anyway, here goes!


Lilandris “The Lightmancer” Len:

Full Name: Lilandris Len

Nickname: Lil

Age: In human years she is estimated to be about 21-23 years of age.

Family: An older sister, who’m she didn’t know of until recently.
Her Mother and Father are deceased.

Theme Song: This has been written down as many different songs, the truth is, it’s hard to give her a single theme song that does her justice. Notable possibilities are: Satellite by Hooters, The Obsessive Devotion by Epica, A Girl Like You by Edwyn Collins (This is notably the one that has been on this list the longest). Her “Anthem of demise” is Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin.

Background: Lil’s background his hazy at best, she doesn’t remember too much of it on account of memory loss. Born of lower class parents, her mother was a criminal of some repute, her father on the other hand was a mostly honest and decent, however unlucky commoner, little to nothing is known about them both today. Lil was a commoner of Shattrath City until her boyfriend at the time, a magister apprentice, needed her for a portal experiment for his research. Something went terribly wrong, trapping Lil in a time-warp state of transport, she ended up in the snowy lands of Winterspring a couple of months prior to the Exodar’s arrival, with little memory of who she was or where she came from. She was taken care of by a hidden order of faithfuls in the area, who taught her the common language as well as setting her on the path of the Holy Light. When the Exodar arrived on Azeroth, rumor spread fast and she left Winterspring to lend aid. Afterwards, she made a pilgrimage to Stormwind City, to see the cathedral the faithfuls spoke so highly of. She took up work in the Stormwind Cathedral immediately, shortly after, she joined up with Rhyme and Punishment.

Over time, Lil learned the true nature of most of the people in the Cathedral, she deemed them self-important fools, who thought themselves “holier than thou”. Lil left their midst not long after. And one night she had a dream induced by the Holy Light itself, when she woke, the word “Lightmancer” was on her lips, she took up her new task with pride, she did not belong to any chapter or cathedral anymore, she was in a sense an “independent operative” of the Holy Light, her task: Find and root out Necromancy and the sinners who commit such heinous acts.

Character Description: As with most Draenei women, she is skinny, however her bust is notably smaller, she is about half a head shorter than the average Draenei. She carries a magical tattoo in her forehead: A knife in a rock-shard, given to her at birth due to her mother’s criminal history. Otherwise she carries a tattoo of a half-ring with spearheads on it’s outer edges, that reaches upwards from her chin to her left ear. Her eyes glow with the colour of the Holy Light, with small hair-like strands “slithering” out of the outer sides of her eyes.

She keeps a friendly disposition, almost any person may prove themselves a friend in her eyes. Her devotion to the Holy Light is unshakable. Underneath her friendly disposition and composed attitude, lurks a fragile person, one that has experienced madness and depression. Love is as important as faith to Lil, any good-natured person deserves someone to love and receive love from, in her eyes. Loyalty and friendship are other values she holds dear.

Motivation(s) / Ambition(s): The Light motivates her in her task as well as in many other ways.
Her highest ambition of “everyday life” is to have a perfect love-life.
Her highest ambition of faith is to become a renowned/famous servant of the Light, akin to Uther the Lightbringer or Tirion Fordring (though she sees this as very unlikely, due to things she has done in the past.)

Favorite Element: Earth - The element of stability.

Favorite Garment: long skirts; a badass lady’s garment of choice, undoubtedly.

Hit: Love, Motorcycles, Faith.

Miss: Cold people, bureaucrats, injustice.

The one most likely to: Be recorded in history in some form.

Carl “Loose Cannon” Jonesy:

Full Name: Carl Anthony Jonesy

Nickname: “Loose Cannon” Jonesy

Age: Carl was 27 years of age when the plague struck him

Family: A younger sister who’s current status is unknown.
Mother and Father are deceased.

Theme Song: Green Grass & High Tides by The Outlaws

Background: A farmer’s son in life, he lived through a harsh upbringing at the hands of his father and mother, he and his younger sister were regularly abused, one day he ran away with aim to come back later and get his sister out of there as well. He made a living as a smuggler and practiced his marksmanship tirelessly. He did not manage to come back for his sister before the plague struck, however, and now in undeath he searches for any sign of her.

Character Description: A thin man in life and certainly in undeath, an exceptional good shot with a rifle, his nickname “Loose Cannon” is derived from him being able to seemingly wave his gun around like an idiot and still hit his targets. He is however oddly un-proficient with bows and crossbows.

Very much a man who “plays with the hand he is dealt”, being undead doesn’t seem to bother him too much, either. With a positive disposition he will do his best to make the best out of the situation, for himself and for the people around him. At some point he took on a highly strange accent as part of a disguise that nobody has seen the likes of before or after. (This accent is what us RL people would identify as an Australian accent).

Motivation(s) / Ambition(s): His personal quest to find sign of his younger sister.
Become a better marksman.

Favorite Element: Air/Wind - Always in motion.

Favorite Garment: A trusty hat to keep the sun out of your eyes while aiming.

Hit: Sunshine and green grass.

Miss: Angry and/or depressive people.

The one most likely to...: Ride into the sunset and eventually transcend un-life on account of good karma.


Coming up is Kynidris Len and my monk character Linda.

Also, this somewhat reminds me of the character profiles of the different people you meet in the Batman games
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By the way, maybe this could be stickied? :)
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I just remembered something I have had forgotten for a loooong time, goes into the category of "fun facts" I guess.

Lil's name "Lilandris" is actually inspired by the name of a sword in Baldur's Gate 2: Shadows of Amn. The Sword's name is "Lilarcor", so it's the "Lila" part that is derived from the sword :)

The sword is actually a very awesome sword... It talks. :D

Special thanks to Toot who referred to me as "Lila" a few minutes ago which reminded me of this fun fact. :Q
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