What a long strange trip it's been

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What a long strange trip it's been

What a long strange trip it’s been

“I’ve never been one to ask for things too much. I demand things, though usually I just roll along with it all.”
“It must be strange to be in such a situation, you’ve really had to build everything you have now with your own hands.”
“Oh, certainly. Though it would be a lie that I’ve done all the work on my own; I’ve had friends at my back always. I could never imagine a life without them, neither could I imagine where I would be today if not for them. It may have been my hands building my life, but my friends have been tools and inspiration for me all the time, in a good way. Together they have given me something to live for, and shown me the value of life altogether.”
“There’s a lot of emotion behind that I reckon.”
“No doubt. I would likely be dead or unnoticed without them.”
“Yes, you do seem to have a quite indomitable presence. No matter how vocal or silent you are, you are always noticeable in a room. Such strength of person surely has a source.”
“I guess some people think so. I am proud of who I am, both looking back and looking forward. I’m proud that I have managed to become who I am today, and I am proud to be called friend by so many different people. The future is and will always be uncertain, but my steps are laden with pride and confidence - If I have gotten this far, I can certainly go a lot further, especially with such friends.”
“Do you ever pause and think about things? Yourself, your life, your faith?”
“All the time, I think about things every day! I guess one of my biggest fears is that I will become too self-righteous. I try not to be, but sometimes conviction gets the upper hand.”
“It is as you say: ‘We all have our flaws to bear’.”
“It is good to be proud, but it is never good to be too proud. Without pride we would not be who we are, we would not do what we do, and we would probably not fight for what we have, if we were not proud of it. But pride must not come lightly.”
“It’s been quite a ride, hasn’t it? We’ve seen a thing or two.”
“It has been quite a ride indeed. And you know what the best part of it is? - It’s not over yet!” Lil raised her mug of ale to the empty chair across the table. She looked around the rest of The Blue Recluse, not a soul in sight. She gave a little laugh and emptied her mug. She put the mug down, stood up, and dropped three gold coins into the mug for whatever lucky person that would come collect it in the morning. On her way out she stopped in the door and looked over her shoulder.
“...Not over yet.” She grinned and laughed, then walked outside and closed the door behind her.
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