An omen of redemption

Take a look into the life of a not-so-ordninary servant of the light!

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An omen of redemption

First of all, this is a bit ahead of time, as the story takes place just after the Warlords of Draenor time has begun. But I couldn't keep myself from posting this already. This is pretty much the first part; a taste of things to come.

Enjoy! etc.


An omen of redemption

One thing is always wise to remember, walking down the wrong alley is dangerous no matter what part of the world you are in. But the safety one provides oneself through reputation, can sometimes make you forget yourself, when you find yourself in a new city. Sometimes, however, things can turn out quite serendipitous.

Lil was walking around the city, looking at all it had to present, architecture, the people, the peculiarity of the perpetually shadowy sky and how it cast it’s nightly light on the city. Lil hadn’t found herself in such curiosity in a long time. She was not paying enough attention to her immediate surroundings however. And in one fell swoop, two men snuck up behind her, jammed a black cloth bag over her head and dragged her down an alley. Despite her struggling, the men were not interrupted or followed, nobody had been around to notice at this time. Her hands were tied together behind her back, and she was thrown to the ground and beaten by the two thugs. The beating went on for almost half a minute, it seemed like an eternity to Lil, who was receiving a lot of pain at the hands of the two thugs. One firm kick in the chest cracked one of her ribs and a punch had left a horizontal cut beneath her left eye. Then suddenly a firm woman’s voice sounded, in Draenei of course, directed at the thugs no doubt judging by it’s volume. The voice made Lil forget about all other things, she almost froze inside and a massive chill went down her spine. This voice, was one that she could never forget.
“That’s enough, boys!”
The thugs stopped and straightened themselves. Nodding at the lady.
“Put her on her knees.” She spoke again. The thugs did as she asked and put Lil upright on her knees, though the beating she had taken left her hunching over a bit in pain.
“So I hear rumor of a new lady in town, one that wears fancy, holy-looking robes, and ‘looks like a piece of trouble I dealt with a long time ago.’ Ain’t that right, boys?”
“Yes, my lady” The thugs replied in unison.
The lady walked over to Lil, who was still quite stricken by the lady’s voice, but with some struggle, managed to pull herself together. The lady loosened the cloth bag over Lil’s head and wrenched it off. Lil lifted her head backwards to look at the lady, who suddenly gasped and looked like she’d seen a ghost and then some; Genuinely startled and speechless. Lil managed to produce a smug-looking grin somehow, through the lady’s reaction.
“Surprised to.. nngh... see me, Mother?” Lil spoke in Draenei with a calm voice, her grin grew a little wider.
“L-L-.. Lilandris!” The lady stuttered. The thugs sounded spooked as well.
“This was quite a welcoming party.”
“You’re supposed to be dead! How-.. This doesn’t even..!”
“Strange times we live in, hm? Do you mind if I could have this conversation in a more dignified position?” Not even Lil could believe her own cockiness and audacity, but the rush of adrenaline combined with the strange situation she found herself in seemed to be giving her a surge of confidence. The thugs stood frozen, looking at Lil then at the lady. Lil continued: “I wouldn’t necessarily need my hands to kill you fools if I really wanted to, I have no need to cause more ruckus at this time, so -please- untie me you mongrels.”
The lady nodded at the thugs, who quickly undid her bindings. She stood up herself, with some effort, and almost heaved her torso upright. She ran her right hand through her hair, while the left approached her ribs. The warmth of The Light’s magic made all the pain disappear and the cracked rib healed, along with the bruising. She then ran her index finger along the cut under her eye while looking at the lady ahead of her, the cut disappeared completely as if it had never been there.
“I’m supposed to be dead, you say? I could say the same about you, and yet here we are, both of us, live and kicking. Speaking of kicking...” She extended her arms to the sides with her palms flat outwards towards the thugs on each side, light sprung from Lil’s hands and the thugs slammed into the alley walls with moderate force, enough to cause pain but only do superficial damage. “Was it really necessary to have me dragged off down an alley and beaten? Surely there’s an easier way of getting my attention?”
“I killed you myself! You were in my way, interfering with my work and trying to stop me!”
“And I killed you, Jaenaara, in cold blood. As punishment for your crimes. Crimes that left me marked for life.” Lil brushed a lock of hair away from her forehead, to bring attention to her mark. “I even learned that you had shot father in the back.” The two silently stared at each other for a while.

“I have to admit, daughter, in the fact that you are standing here ahead of me, I’m not surprised by your attire. Or your power.”
“Why is that?”
“The anchorites said the light shone on your birth... My deeds had left me undesirable in the eyes of the community; a criminal. But when you were born that day, the anchorites reacted to your presence, they told me they could not give you to the orphanage, like your older sister, there was too much potential within your being. They demanded they named you themselves; ‘Leila*’ - ‘Lilandris’ - ‘The priestess to be’ . They said, I were to raise you myself, and in doing so, redeem myself.”

* “Leila” is the Draenei word for “priestess” - translates to “anchorite” in common.

Feel free to leave comments if you wish, y'all! Thank you for your time for now!
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