A splinter in between

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A splinter in between

Well then, finally got around to finishing this thing, which has been lying around on my desktop screaming at me to finish it for some time.

A more slow-paced story, and not as long as the previous one *phew*. Takes place in the future (shortly after we all travel to Draenor to chase down Garrosh Douchescream).

An interesting, and important turn of events, even if not exactly grand.

The one feller can be slightly tough to read, but if you read it as if hearing an australian feller talk, you'll be spot on.



A splinter in between

The Tanaan Jungle, an hour before noon. There was a rustling sound of movement through the brush and rough terrain occasionally broken by cursing, huffing and sighing. An annoyance of a struggle.
“Ugh! This jungle goes on forever! I could do with some proper food as well!” Lil gritted her teeth together. “I’ve no idea if I’m even going the right way!” She huffed again as she stopped and looked around, nothing but thick jungle surrounded her, barely any space between the vegetation, although, ironically she found herself in a tiny clearing; a few square feet in size, big enough to take a rest. There was a mossy rock next to her, big enough for her to somewhat comfortably seat herself without too much effort.
“Alright, Lil, let’s figure something out, just relax for a bit and get your bearings.” She spoke to herself. She took a few deep breaths in attempt to calm herself. Suddenly, cold sweat ran down her back as she heard rustling in the brush from where she had come. Lil instinctively drew her gun, pulled the hammer back and pointed it towards the sound. A few paces away from Lil, half-concealed by the vegetation, stood a Forsaken man with a long double-barreled rifle pointed at her, he wore a wide-brimmed hat in a dark red-brown colour, the rest of his attire was composed of an assortment of loose-sitting clothes with some chain armour covering any important parts of the body - no more armour than absolutely necessary.

The forsaken man broke the silence not long after their eyes met. He spoke in a highly strange accent, the likes of which Lil had never heard before.
“Aiy was wonderin’ who’s tracks these was.” His voice was slightly gruff and raspy like all Forsaken voices, though much less so than most of them. The tone was surprisingly positive and jolly. He gave a smile.
“Forsaken! Stay back, fiend!” Lil jolted up from her seat, still pointing her gun at the man.
“Whoa-whoa! Nau need for hostility madam, Aiy mean ya nau ‘arm! Le’s put down the guns owlraight?” The man took his right hand off the rifle and raised it in the air and slowly lowered the rifle with the other hand and tucked it under his arm.
Lil somewhat reluctantly followed, there was something disarmingly positive about the man making him seem trustworthy. But she did not holster her weapon.
“Well then, not the best of introductions eiyh?” He gave a small chuckle and extended his right hand. “Jonesy, Carl Jonesy, at ya se’vice madam. Maust people jess’ call me ‘Jonesy’.” Lil looked at the hand for a second, she was glad it was gloved. She holstered her pistol on her hip and extended her own hand for a handshake.
“Lilandris...” she almost gave her nickname, but she stopped herself - she didn’t trust him -that- much.
“Laight burn me! The Laightmanca’!?” He straightened up slightly and tipped his hat. “Aiy admit Aiy didn’t expec’ runnin’ into somewune theiy spin yarns abeot beck haume.”
Lil gave a puzzled look.
“I didn’t realize I was fabled.” She had to admit to herself that the thought amused her.
“Well, not -very- faibled, bu’ Aiy’ve heard your naime in a whisper or two, yeh. Pleased ta meet yeh.”
“Likewise I guess... You’re a strange one, I reckoned you folk would kill me on sight as a Forsaken and a member of the Horde?”
“Well-uuuuh, it’s complicaited owlraight? ‘Ave ye had any proper breakfast?”
A growl from Lil’s stomach gave away the truth. Jonesy laughed.
“Aiy guess Aiy have my answer then. Come on, there’s a river not too far from here where we can have a peaceful meal. Seownd good?” He gave a friendly smile.
“I reckon I should accept such a generous offer, Mr. Jonesy. Lead the way.”

They walked for what seemed like hours, Lil couldn’t tell which direction they were going, but it didn’t really matter, she figured the undead man had some idea of directions to give... Wait, undead man, Walking calmly only three steps ahead? She pulled her gun and cocked it at the undead.
“Who are you?! Where am I!?” She shouted at him. An exotic bird took off from a nearby tree.
The undead turned around and raised his eyebrow, looking very confused.
“Start talking, Forsaken! Or I will end you! Who are you?!”
Looking very puzzled, he spoke.
“Carl Jonesy..? We introduced eow’rselves abeot ten minutes agau..? We were headin’ to the river to get some breakfast..?”
“We did no such thing, how did I even get here? Why would I want to eat breakfast with a Forsaken?!”
“Neow hauld on jess a mi’... Waiyt, did ya heppen to eat any berries earlier? White color, slim leaves?”
The lack of hostility from the undead puzzled Lil, she didn’t remember eating any berries like the ones he spoke of, though her head felt clouded and heavy and her stomach growled fiercely in hunger.
“I.. Don’t remember eating any berries..?” Her voice was laden with confusion, she put her left palm to her head.
“Aiy was afraid sau. Owlraight, there’s a river jess’ up ahead, shoot me laiter auwkay? Jess’ trust me for neow an’ Aiy’ll help ye eowt, Aiy waun’t bring ye to any Horde encampments... There are none for mailes anywaiy. Come on neow, jess’ beyond the clearin’ up ahead is the river.”
Lil nodded in agreement and holstered her weapon; the undead man seemed strangely trustworthy.

Lil found herself sitting on a rock by the river with a bad taste in her mouth not soon after, her mind seemed to clear up and the previous events that had seemed cloudy were now clear as day. She blushed deeply in embarrassment over the previous misunderstanding.
“S-.. Sorry.” Lil gave an almost shy smile to Jonesy, who sat facing a campfire a few paces away.
“Daun’ worry, Cloudmind berries have that effect on people... Maike ya lose your short term memory and slows deown your head’s processing, which is why ye can remember what happened during the effects clear as daiy neow.”
“My head feels heavy.”
“That will pass within the hour. Fanciy a cuppa-Joe?”
“A cup-o-what?”
“Cuppa-Joe... Coffee. ‘Scuse me”.
“You drink coffee out here?”
“Aye, when you spend a lot of taime eowt’a doors, ye learn to bring ‘haume’ with ya, truth be tauld, Aiy daun’ really have any permanent residence anywhere... Restless bones.” He struck a grin at his own half-joke as if to indicate it was meant to be funny, Lil gave a chuckle after a second of confusion. “All Aiy have is a saifety deposit box beck in the Undercity with maiy naime on it and a sleeping bag on me beck.” He sipped his coffee from his metal cup. “But Aiy get quickly tired of jabberin’ abeowt meself, what abeowt you then, laidy?”
Jonesy handed her a metal cup akin to the one he was drinking from, it was empty.
“Kettle’s on the rock next to the fire here.” He pointed. “Pour your auwn serving. Cup gets hot roight quick, by the waiy... Keeps the coffee warm longer that waiy.” He smiled at her and had another sip from his cup.
Lil filled herself half a cup.
“Got any sugar?”
“Nau.” he replied monotonously as he sipped his coffee.
Lil stood still a moment, looking down at the river. Jonesy spoke again.
“There’s a stick of jerky an’ some bread in the front pocket of the pack there.” He was referring to his backpack next to the rock with the kettle on it. Lil found herself the jerky and bread and sat back down on her rock a few paces away.
“Right, where were we?”
“Aiy was askin’ abeot you. They saiy you’re... Different, from other Draenei.”
Lil gave a puzzled look, like anyone feeling someone knows more about them than they should. Jonesy continued.
“Sorry, Aiy picked up some gossip at an Argent Crusaide campfire, is all. But aye, different, that ye’re... Astranged from yer auwn kaind, as if ye daun’ knauw them too well. Any truth in it?”
Lil went silent for a moment.
“I suppose there is some truth in it, I do sometimes feel like a sore thumb among my own kin. As if I was randomly assigned this body by a higher power. But that would just be superstition if you ask me, there is a logical reason why I am Draenei, and I have never been completely lost in neither body or mind. But I do admittedly act different than a lot of my kin.”
“Remainds me abeot meself a bit that; A splinter in between. Aiy’m not wune for questionable scheming in the dark, like maust of maiy fellow Forsaiken... Aiy daun’ think Aiy’ve ever been more ashaimed of maiy kin than at the Wrathgaite.” Jonesy adjusted his hat with his left hand.
“Yes, you must be the most light-hearted Forsaken I’ve ever met.” Lil chuckled.
“Aiy gess Aiy’m the proof that we are not all bad then.” He smiled.
“I suppose so.” Lil smiled back at him. “I certainly appreciate your hospitality.”

They sat by the river, eating for a while.

“Aiy haupe we can meet agen in friendship laike this?” Jonesy put his cup down and met Lil’s eyes with his gaze. Lil had never seen or felt such sincerity from a forsaken before. She waited a bit before replying, this still felt quite strange.
“...I suppose we could. Yes, why not?” She smiled.
“Aiy’m pleased ta hear that.” He extended a hand for a handshake, which Lil accepted without hesitation. “Aiy’d be glad to give ya a pointer or two in survival techniques, as a tauken of our new friendship.” He rested his forearm on his knee.
“I’d be glad to take advice from someone with good experience.”
“Alraight then. First of all, keep yer ears sharp. Aiy already saw yer reaction when we first met back in the thicket, sau you weren’t completely deaf to my apprauch. Still, Aiy wasn’t maikin’ too much extra effort inta keepin’ quiet, an’ there are things out there waiy better than me at sneakin’ up on prey, owlraight?” He grinned and shifted his gaze towards the brush several paces behind Lil, nodding in the direction. “...Like the animal that’s been starin’ at us for a few minutes neow.” He chuckled. “We must be sitting in his ‘spot’ right here.”
Lil was a little unnerved by this fact, turning around slightly to look towards the brush herself.
“Daun’ worry, if he was interested in attackin’ us he’d’a done sau already.”
“I see.” Lil nodded understandingly. “Keep my ears sharp.”
“Roight, second, Aiy nauticed ye daun’ carry a knife or anythin’, save for tha gnomish army knife there...” He pointed at the army knife in Lil’s belt. “...A fine tool, but a little small eowt here, nau good for proper survival workin’s like buildin’ a shelter or somesuch, aye? Ye’d want something more suitable for bigger work, normally Aiy’d recommend a huntin’ knife or such, but in thicket like this...” He motioned to the trees and brush all around them. “...A Machete maight be better, useful for gettin’ the greenery eowt of yer waiy.” He patted a scabbard in his belt.

Jonesy kept on giving small tips and hints for a few minutes, until he looked content with what he had said, properly covering the basics. He stood up and gathered his things.
“Ye can borrow my machete, I urge ye ta get wune for ye’self thaugh, Aiy’ll be beck to reclaim mine laiter, owlraight? Oh, and ye can keep the cup.” He winked and handed Lil his machete before walking off into the thicket. Lil stood there examining the machete she’d been given.
“This does look rather handy.” She grinned as an idea popped into her head. “I should find a blacksmith.”
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