Necromancy is the ugliest sin

Take a look into the life of a not-so-ordninary servant of the light!

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Necromancy is the ugliest sin

I was in the mood for some badassery, so here is some distilled unmitigated badassery. Simple stuff, enjoy :Q


Necromancy is the ugliest sin

Her steps were slow, but purposeful. She was taking her time, savouring the moment, listening to each of her hoofsteps upon the marble floor echoing through the large hall. It reminded her of Ironforge, only not as warm, marble had that effect out of sunlight; cold to both touch and see, despite it’s beauty. Like a banshee. The room was unlit, save the few rays of sunlight from the doorway. It got darker the further in she walked. Eventually she couldn’t see at all, but it was of little consequence right now, her head was bowed in prayer and there was only one path: straight forward into the mausoleum’s heart.

Her path proceeded into a corridor, the sound of her hoofsteps told her as much, she proceeded to pray out loud.
“To darkest darkness and coldest cold my steps have taken me, yet I am not blind nor frozen. My eyes still see and my body is warm, for The Light holds firm in my heart. Blessed by the light to carry out it’s will in the darkest corners of the world and beyond. I am The Lightmancer Lilandris Len, daughter of Draenor, servant of The Holy Light, eradicator of Necromancy and misuse of the blessed dead. And my untrodden path has led me here!”
She ceased her movement upon her last spoken word. The echo of her last step told her she was in a large hall once again, though smaller than the one she had entered from. She inhaled loudly, there was a slight stench in the air, the kind you’d expect from a place of eternal rest; decay and dust. She opened her eyes. To no surprise, the room was pitch black. She smirked to herself, she had a few flares in her bandolier, along with her Scourgebane grenades. She’d brought her full arsenal today, her new shotgun would see it’s trial by fire now.

She lit up a flare and held it high to light up her surroundings as much as possible, the red glaring light fell upon the same marble floors as before, scattered bones and remains could be seen several places, dried blood was also present. And in some of the pools there had been drawn up symbols and petty rituals, her surroundings gave away that this place had lain untouched for perhaps a century or even longer.

“This close to Lordaeron and the Hearthglen, yet no one has batted an eye, you’ve hid yourself well, Necromancer.”
She felt a silent, cold breeze from further down into the mausoleum. She listened for any further disturbances, but none could be heard.
“Talk about a frigid reception.” She chuckled and dropped the flare on the floor. She produced a handful of shotgun shells from the ammo pouch on the rear side of her belt, the shells were the standard brass and cartridge you would see in newer Ironforge hardware, the buckshot could be seen through the cartridge.
“Made from the finest dwarven lead.” Lil held one of the bullets up to her eyes in admiration. “No need for blessed tools, these could stop a Kodo... Old bones will shatter like glass.” She produced the shotgun from it’s harness on her back; part of the bandolier holding her grenades. She pushed the release for the break mechanism and gave the weapon a single, firm shake to pop open the barrels.
“Let’s see what you can do, hm?” Lil popped the shells into the barrels and readied herself.
“Time to sing.” She cocked both barrels, the hammers would be pulled back by the force when firing from now on, all she’d have to do was reload the barrels. “I’m gonna need some better lighting than these flares, though.” On the walls of the room, she spotted a few torch holders. She picked up the flare at her hooves and walked towards one of the old torches, but after a few steps the flare died out. She sighed. Then, to her surprise, all the torches on the wall lit up in unison. She turned to look around the room. A faint rustle of bones and dragging of feet could be heard, but it didn’t seem to be coming from either of the corridors leading out of the room. It rather seemed to be coming from the walls themselves. She walked confidently back to the center of the room and prepared herself for battle, then turned to the corridor leading deeper into the mausoleum.
“Well then, your guest is here, time to be a good host and not keep me waiting. Make your move, necromancer.”
Another gentle cold breeze could be felt from the corridor, then a slithering blue light emerged and sought the walls of the room as well as the corridor behind. The complex shook as the walls descended in several places, proving to be doors or lids, and revealing the undead that had been woken up. A cold, deep, yet wheezing voice sounded as if it was coming from all directions at once.
“Smug, foolish lady. You come into my mausoleum so brazenly, and aim to disrupt me? End her, minions.”
The undead proceeded to attack, per their master’s demand.
“Light give me strength, as I return these poor souls to their rightful rest!” Lil raised the shotgun to her shoulder. “The Heavenly Bell tolls, and The Light’s holy fire and lead follows it! Let battle be joined!”
The sounds of clattering bone and shuffling feet gave way to the loud bangs of the weapon, each shot leaving deep holes in the ranks of the approaching undead. Dust whirled up from the floor as walking corpses fell to the ground and old bones shattered.
“Buuuuurn!” the light coursed through her veins alongside the overwhelming feeling of vengance. She shifted her left hand from holding the shotgun to channel rays of holy fire at the undead closing in on her. She couldn’t help but be amused from the glorious sight; a grin forming on her lips.

As the last minion fell to the floor, silence returned, save for the crackling sound of the fires. She looked down at the shotgun in her hands, she popped out the empty shells and put in two new ones. “Note to self: cumbersome mechanism, should find alternative to increase effectiveness.”
“Well now, you seem to know how to entertain a guest, but I won’t be satisfied until I’ve had a dance with the host... Maestro!” She gave a wicked chuckle to herself as she started off down the hallway further into the mausoleum. The chilly, wheezing voice echoed once again, with noticeable annoyance in it.
“She is only one measly priest! Out of her element! Bring her down!”
The howls of more undead sounded from further down the hall ahead, the clattering of steel was included, as well as the wails of banshees and lost souls.
“I am the fire that burns the wicked! The dead will be returned to their restful sleep, and the sinners will be judged for their unholy transgressions!” Her heart was beating faster, a mixture of exhilaration, anger and adrenaline drove her onwards toward her enemies. She holstered the shotgun for now, producing her scourgebane grenades from their bandolier.
“Eat holy shrapnel.” She pulled the pin from the first grenade and threw it like a tomahawk down the hall towards the undead emerging. She covered her ears this time, the confined space was sure to make for a loud explosion. As the grenade reached it’s destination, lodged in the skull of a ghoul, it exploded with great force, taking an odd number of undead with it, their bones and flesh disintegrating from the holy power within.
“Hahahaaa! I like a good explosion!” Lil readied another grenade, incendiary this time, pulling the pin and tossing it underhand towards the undead. She started to move forward, though still a safe distance from the grenade as it engulfed the hallway ahead and the undead within in flames. Flesh and ethereal alike they were all seared by the flames.

She conjured up a protective barrier upon herself as she got closer to the flames, with the barrier in place the flames shied away like a loyal servant out of it’s master’s way. A few odd undead were still alive within the inferno and Lil made quick work of them by smiting and chastising them as she passed, one even had it’s head knocked off by a firm punch from Lil’s right hand, the flames would take care of the rest. Beyond the inferno at the end of the hall was a large door, peculiarly enough made of wood, though pitch black. As she got closer to the door she could feel the magic within her wane ever so slightly.
“Voidwood, eh? Clever.” She stood thinking for a moment, the last scourgebane grenade would likely not be very effective against the door due to it’s magical nature.
“Did I bring anything else explosive? No, I think I left the dynamite at home.”
She produced the shotgun from it’s holster again.
“Didn’t think I’d get to try this out yet.” She grinned and looked back up at the door. “Knock knock, retribution is a-comin’.” She fired off both barrels at the door, blowing a large hole in it, leaving little more than splinters and firewood. “It’ll keep magics out, but not hot Ironforge lead.” With heavy steps she stepped through the hole in the door, loading up two new shells in the shotgun, containing slugs this time. As she straightened herself up on the other side, fiery angelic wings spread behind her in a brief display of power and her yellow eyes flashed brightly.
“Time to dance, necromancer.”

The room beyond the door was no larger than your average grave chamber, a few meters ahead was a throne of some sort, with a shriveled up-looking person seated in it, looking like he hadn’t moved in a very long time. The wheezing voice sounded once again, with the blue slithering lights she had seen before came from the unmoving body on the throne, moving around the room as the voice spoke angrily.
“Fiendish, arrogant priestess! You come into my tomb, kill my servants and set everything on fire like a deranged psychopath! I will enjoy hearing you beg for mercy as my minions break every bone in your body!”
“You can’t win, necromancer, your powers pale in the presence of The Holy Light!”
The creaking sound of bones and armor coming into movement revealed two large bone constructs on the left and right end of the room stepping forward to protect their master. The one on the left end had a two-handed sword, the other carried a shield and a mace.
“Not. Impressed.” Lil spoke in a low, poisonous tone. She shouldered the shotgun and aimed it at the left construct and pulled the trigger without hesitation, the slug ate through the rusty armor and bone with ease and knocked the construct down. It was no longer moving. She shifted focus to the other construct coming toward her and gave it the same treatment, however, the shield ate most of the impact, leaving the shield broken but the construct still standing.
Lil grunted angrily at the construct still coming towards her. She shifted the shotgun to her left hand and swung her right in a backhand motion at the construct, sending a strong smite at it. The construct staggered as the smite struck it, though not enough for it to fall. She proceeded to pull The Fatebringer - her revolver from it’s holster, cocked the hammer and pointed it at the construct.
“It's time to bring out the -big- guns.” With a snarl on her face she pulled the trigger. The bell-ring of the first shot echoed through the whole complex and the chastising shot struck the construct in the chest, puncturing the armor and leaving a hole emitting a small ray of light. Lil followed up with three more shots, the last one striking the construct’s head. The construct fell to it’s knees with a deathly groan before keeling over. Lil adjusted the cylinder with a quick, but practiced and controlled spin, leaving it upon the chamber labeled “Damnation”. She then pointed the gun towards the body on the throne, she walked up to it with heavy steps, getting close enough to stick the pistol directly in it’s face, she tilted the head up and back with the barrel to his forehead. Despite the seeming lifelessness of the body, Lil could sense the necromancer’s soul within it, and the eyes were still moving. They met Lil’s gaze.
“I’d ask if you have any last words, but you don’t deserve to speak them. Damnation awaits for you.” And with that, Lil pulled the trigger. The incorporeal bullet left a smoking hole in the necromancer’s forehead, and the cold wheezing voice sounded again with agonized screams; his soul brought to damnation by vengeful fire within him.
The snarl left Lil’s face, being replaced by her usual demeanor. She holstered her weapons and turned towards the exit and marched off. The flames in the hallway would spread and cleanse the tomb completely. When she reached daylight again, she closed off the tomb behind her, locking it up and planting a wood-carved holy symbol in the ground before it. Her work was done.
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One of these days we need to find something big and nasty and have a double date.
Oh wait, that happens on most Tuesdays.
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Hehe, if Lil were to pull something like this on those tuesdays she'd steal ALL the thunder and then some.
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