Tough Question

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Tough Question

Was about time this happened.

Lately I've been playing the Armored Sister more, and to my pleasant surprise, there's been some inspiration coming from it. I feel I don't do Kynidris nearly enough justice in both play time and spotlight. She's an important character after all. Anyway, read on and enjoy!

Tough Question

It was early evening. Lil sat at the dining table with a cup of tea and a tobacco roll, enjoying a peaceful moment. Sunlight was shining through the windows, and through the little open crack, one could hear the gentle song of birds outside. Lil heard the front door opening, immediately followed by the familiar voice of her older sister.
"Hello! It's me!"
Kynidris' heavy, armored steps could be heard all the way from the front door into the main room. Lil met her with a wide smile as she emerged from the hall.
"Hello sis! How is the day finding you?"
"Good, thank you." She returned the smile eagerly. Lil felt there was something different about her sister today, though she couldn't quite place it, studying her closely from her seat.
"Please. Sit down Kyni, would you like a cup of tea?"
"No thank you, I'm fine... Wife is away?"
Aroona raised her hand to wave over the back of the sofa further into the room, where she had been napping.
"Oh. Hello Aroona dear!" Kyni passed a smile over to the waving hand.
Lil took a drag from her tobacco roll, then flicking some ashes into the ashtray.
"So how did it go at the gathering in Dalaran? Shame I couldn't come myself, I wasn't feeling well."
"Oh, it was alright. I expected a few more faces, but there was adequate attendance."
Lil gave a giggle.
"You talk about it like it was a class or something."
Kyni giggled back.
"Blame my stiff upper lip." Kyni scratched her arm in pause. "So I borrowed a robe out of your closet for the occasion."
"Yes, I noticed. Any chance I'll be getting it back?" Lil grinned. "Interesting choice, by the way." She took another drag from the tobacco roll, leaning back in her seat.
"It looked quite good on me I'd say, so I think I'll just keep it." Kyni returned the grin. They both laughed.
"Well if that's the case I suppose it's best you keep it, your wardrobe is in a sad state after all."
"Ouch, sis. But I guess I can't argue there."
"Ah I apologise, dear. But either way I guess those muscles of yours has probably stretched it just a little. So just keep it either way." Lil smiled warmly.
"Thank you, sister."

They sat silently for a little moment, Lil stumped out her tobacco roll in the ashtray, Kyni adjusted a shoulderpad. She'd always wear shoulderpads, even if she wasn't wearing her full combat gear. She shifted her legs underneath the table, clacking her boots together as she rested one ankle atop the other, then straightened her plain robe.
"So... Lil..."
"Yes?" Lil took a sip from her tea. Her brows furrowing slightly as she noticed a change of expression on her sister's face.
"Do you know what happened to mother?"
Lil felt her heart almost jumping out of her chest and she choked on her tea, resulting in a series of hacking coughs.
"Goodness." She composed herself and put her cup down, her hand trembling a little. Kynidris waited curteously for her sister to settle down, she'd asked the question before and gotten similar, if a bit more modest reactions. She was looking down at the table, fiddling with her gauntlets. The silence was heavy, and awkward. After a while she deemed the pause had gone on for too long, so she spoke again.
"I..." Lil started, before Kyni intervened with a gentle, yet stern voice.
"You've dodged this question every time I've asked you. It's clear the question bothers you, which is also why I haven't pressed you on it..." She looked up and met Lil's eyes. Lil was known for her stalwart, piercing gaze, but Kynidris had quite the pair of eyes herself. "Until now. I don't like going about it this way. But I -really- want to know about mother."
"Do you though? Take my word for it, you don't." Lil tried putting hard against hard, in attempt to dismiss the issue.
"Lilandris, please! I didn't come here to argue. I don't care if the news are good or bad, I just want you to tell me."

There was another bout of silence, Lil always struggled with this topic. She sighed in surrender.
"Sh-... She's..." Lil felt her eyes tearing up as the thought of her mother ate at her from within. "She's dead." She sniffled.
Kynidris frowned in sadness, one could tell from the look on her face that her heart had sunk deeply. After a moment, she too began to cry gently. Aroona rose up in the sofa, looking over at the two with sad eyes.
"Do you know what happened to her? Anything at all?"
Lil felt an icy sting in her gut and grimaced. She didn't want to say anything, but her expression had already given away that she knew.
"She... She uh..." Lil tried to think fast, but as her eyes landed on Aroona, she felt a rush of guilt go through her. Aroona knew the truth, so she would know if Lil lied to her sister's face. She felt herself cornered with no way out. She feared Kynidris' reaction to the truth, and she didn't want to disappoint Aroona, or herself for that matter. Her gut felt as if it was twisting and churning into a big icy knot, her body shook and trembled from the stress. She straightened her back and closed her eyes, letting out a shivering sigh as more tears trickled down her cheeks. Aroona had risen from her seat and come over to Lil, standing behind her and putting her hands reassuringly on Lil's shoulders, leaning down to put her cheek on Lil's head. She whispered gently to Lil.
"It's okay, love."
Kynidris was sniffling more, sharing her sister's grief as she looked upon the suffering Lil.
"I... I killed her!" Lil burst into a full blown wail and dropped her forehead down into her arms on the table.

Kynidris' face froze, partly in shock, partly in horror. Her mouth ajar and her eyes wide. The pause was very long this time. Lil kept sobbing and wailing while Aroona comforted her as best she could in silence. Kynidris struggled to find words, or any sort of way to react beyond shock. Eventually she managed to move her lips.
"W-wh... Why?" Hardly a good way to ask, but it was all she could muster.
"I don't know! I was out of my mind! I was angry, and emotional, and- and-... I was messed up beyond sense!" Lil hadn't cried like this her whole life. Least not that she knew. She felt her self-loathing boiling within her, feeling like the worst person in the world. She clenched her fists so hard she shook. Aroona laid her hands over them soothingly.
Kynidris' face contorted into something akin to anger and disgust.
"How could you let your feelings take hold of you so?! How could you lose control so badly?! You're a servant of The Light for Naaru's sake!"
"I don't know! I've asked myself that every day since!" She sniffled again, trying to contain her crying. "I've tried so hard to make my peace with it. But it eats at me every night when I go to sleep, I regret it with every fiber of my being. For every action I do for The Light, I do another to atone for it. I pray almost every day for forgiveness! But nothing I do seems to make it any better."
"I can't believe this... I can't believe this!" Kynidris rose abruptly from her seat, her breath was heavy with anger, she felt the fire within her heating up, and she grimaced as she tried to contain it. She turned towards the door and marched.
"Sister please don't go!"
Kynidris clenched her fists and kept marching towards the hall. Lil rose up and darted after her, attempting to throw her arms around her in an embrace. Kyni turned on the spot, giving Lil a cacophonous back-hand, sending her to the floor immediately in a daze. There was a look of rage on Kyni's face, but not like one that accompanied her battle rage. This one came from the deepest reaches of her blazing heart.
"HEY!" Aroona yelled out as Lil hit the wooden boards. With the strength of a bear she bounded over and gave Kyni a harsh push, sending her back into the doorframe and knocking the wind out of her. She did not make any move in return, merely slowly sinking down along the doorframe until she sat on the floor, her knees tucked up against her and her eyes full of tears. She sobbed as well now.
"I'm... I'm sorry! I'm so sorry Lil I didn't mean to!"
"Get out!" Aroona roared like only a Gilnean could, pointing angrily at the door.
Kynidris began clamoring back up to leave, not wishing to anger her sister-in-law any further.
"No..." Lil muttered from the floor. "Please don't go." She staggered back up on her hooves, holding a hand over the side of her face. It hurt something fierce and she was bleeding from right below her eye. She heaved a heavy sigh. "I've never faced any penitence or punishment for this. This was the -least- I deserved."
The sisters embraced in a tight hug, both sobbing and crying.
"I can't hate you, Lil. Dear sister."
"I hate myself enough for both of us."
"Don't, sister. Nothing good will ever come of hatred." She squeezed tighter.
Lil gave another heavy sigh.
"It's just so hard to let it go."
"I know, little sis, I know. But I'm here for you. And so is Aroona." She opened an arm to bring Aroona into the hug as well.
"We're your family. We're not going to leave you behind."
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I`m sooo happy you`ve been back with the stories, they`re better than ever!
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That sounds odd coming from someone who joined us so recently, but thanks xP
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