In the Amber Vale

Take a look into the life of a not-so-ordninary servant of the light!

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In the Amber Vale

Note: This story is a hypothetical scenario set considerably into the future

Tried for something a little heartwarming, ending up with something that's also a little bit philosophical, following up on something that Lil and Aroona once thought of in RP.

I -might- continue a little further on with this story if the fancy strikes me, but no promises :s


In the Amber Vale

"Amber. That is where The Light and Nature meets. The only place where they form a complete symbiosis. Do you see, Enoorya?" Lil held the tear of amber up against the sunlight to let it shine through. "See the way the color warms up when light shines through?"
"If it has both Light and Nature magic in it... Does that mean that the amber is alive, mommy?"
"No, dear Enoorya. Though it carries life within its essence, the amber itself is inanimate. They say, however, that amber can give its essence to other things to give life or rejuvenate, if both Light and Nature are in agreement."
"Is that how you and Roo made me and sis?"
Lil let out a boisterous, joyful laugh, hugging the draenei child thightly.
"Who is to say? I like to think that's how it happened at least." She gazed over to the other side of the large garden and met Aroona's eyes, as she sat with their youngest, Gilnean daughter Lilly next to a little tree sapling. No doubt teachings were being passed on there too. Her eyes rested on her wife in silence long enough for Enoorya to break the silence with a little giggle.
"You stare at Roo like that all the time. And your eyes change a little."
"Love." She simply replied to the child. "My eyes fill with love, even after all these years she and I have been together. I still find it hard to tear my eyes away from her." She blushed and giggled. "You too will experience that kind of love one day, and it will perhaps look a bit different than this at that time, when you find a man or woman that you love. But many, many years after that day, you will experience it in the way that she and I do now." She shifted her eyes to the child on her lap with a smile.
"Will I have to become a mommy too?" Enoorya asked in a slightly uneasy tone.
Lil gave a hearty chuckle.
"That will be your choice to make when those days come. And either way it is something you should think about in its own time. For now, however, you'll stick to helping LilRoo around the vale, yes?"
"Yes mommy!" Enoorya replied with glee. Lil gave her a kiss on the head.
"Here." Lil put the amber tear in her hand onto Enoorya's palm, then gently locked the child's fingers over it. "Will you hang onto this for me?"
Enoorya nodded enthusiastically in response. Lil lifted her off her lap for her to stand up for herself, Lil rose shortly after and straightened her robes.
"Come, let's go inside and prepare some lunch for Roo and Lilly, yes?" They strode off slowly towards the big house, situated on top of a little hill nearby. Taking in the sights of all the lovely flowers and trees along the way, and smiling and waving at the followers who were either praying, tending the garden, or merely strolling through the garden as they did.
"Are you their mommy too?"
"Heh, no, not really."
"Then why are they called 'Children of the Amber Vale'? Aren't you and Roo the Amber Vale?"
"Well, yes and no but..." Lil paused to think about how to convey it to the child, frowning as she didn't find any particularly good way of explaining in a way that she'd be sure Enoorya would understand. "Err... You might not understand what I mean when I say this, and don't be discouraged if you don't..." She licked her lips before she continued.
"They are children, or rather followers, of an idea that Aroona and I conceived some time ago before you were born; That Nature and The Light could be a symbiotic union, where both creeds are heeded. Granted, nature is about balance, and The Light is an omnipresent force of good..."
"Oh, eh, omnipresent means that it is everywhere and in all things."
"All things? Even plants and rocks and trees?"
"Precisely, Enoorya!" Lil smiled, quite pleased with her daughter seemingly keeping up so far. "So while Nature and Light, as entities, don't work the same way, or even always have the same goal, they both hold the power of life. And I personally believe that Nature is still inherently good, even though it sometimes works against us."
"Roo said that nature is... Erm... 'kill or be killed'? That some things live while others die, and that is nature's balance."
"Yes, that is certainly one aspect of natural balance."
"So... the followers..."
"Right, yes, the followers..." Lil paused a moment again before continuing. "Me and Roo didn't really mean for the idea to become something like this. However, one day a handful of people showed up here, saying they wanted to hear more about it. Over time, all sorts of different people ended up here, some came and then later went back to their lives, while others decided to stay, worshiping both The Light and Nature as two things combined."
Lil stopped as she stood in the doorway to their house, turning around to look out over the garden.
"Here in the Amber Vale, love, life and compassion is what we live for. A tiny refuge in a world where war is either a fact or looming on the horizon. A reminder, lest we forget why sometimes we have to fight, and what we are fighting for."
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