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Kynidris has been on my mind all day, so I ended up cobbling together something involving her. I've been meaning to write her another proper story, but this is not it. At least this is something that clarified a little for myself what Kynidris' purpose as a character is.

No title, but enjoy it anyway.

Grey clouds were slowly rolling in over Stormwind from the sea. They brought light rain with them today. Under an umbrella in the Park District stood two draenei sisters, paying their respects to the fallen soldiers from the Broken Shore assault. Kynidris, the older, stood with her back straight in her full 7th Legion uniform. Lilandris, the youngest, stood with her head bowed in quiet prayer with her palms together, dressed in her usual white robes and hood. Long minutes passed with only the sound of rain dripping on the umbrella and the barely audible prayers. Eventually Lilandris finished and folded one hand over the other with her arms relaxed in front of her, looking up at the monument again. Kynidris broke the silence.
"Do you think purpose and meaning are the same thing?"
Lil was caught somewhat off guard by the grand question. While her older sister was far from stupid, she wasn't the type to often engage in philosophical quandary.
"How so? What do you mean?"
"I've been in a lot of battles and skirmishes. The 7th Legion is good a good place for me, and I am proud to serve the Alliance. It gives me purpose. But at the same time I'm not sure if that's all there is, or should be to my life and existence." She tilted her head as she looked at the memorial. "Many soldiers grow weary of battle, their minds eventually break and they lose their minds. War changes people, and the pieces don't always fit when they come home to their loved ones once more. I can't say I'm in any danger in that regard myself, but there is -something- I feel when I come home." She heaved a deep breath and held it for a moment as she pondered. "It's not that the pieces don't fit, but rather that there are pieces missing."
"Hmm. I see your point." Lil rubbed her palm over her chin and mouth as she gathered her thoughts. "I surmise that finding me was a part of your search for meaning in this life. Fighting for the Alliance is noble in itself, but it's good to have something of your own that you fight for, and not just something conceptual like a way of life or ideas." Lil looked up at her older sister, who was quite the tower in comparison to her younger sister, especially in all her armor. She smiled at her. "I think you could definitely split it up as you say."
Kynidris gave an approving hum in response. She met Lil's eyes and returned the smile. There was another long pause as they regarded the monument again.
"Do you think it is greedy of me to want more, in addition to having reunited with my blood sister?"
"You mean in terms of family and friends? A lover?" Lil spoke calmly, she knew the conversation was headed into territory that her sister found uncomfortable.
Kyni stifled a wince, though she had no doubt Lil could still notice.
"Yes... I notice I've started to give myself a hard time for struggling to let go of Harraan. At least enough to let someone else get close." Kyni turned her head to look at Lil again. "You've been in love with different people... How do you do it?"
Lil chuckled at the question.
"I don't think it's so much 'doing' involved to be honest. Like I'm sure you know from your relationship with Harraan, it just sort of happens. Though I understand how hard it is when things end, I can't say I've ever had to experience the loss of something as precious as what you had with him." Lil looked off towards the rest of the city. "But I think there may be something in meeting someone special, that helps you move on. And I mean that as something different than what some people do after a breakup or such, to go and sleep with whoever they can seduce in to bed every night. And other such short-lived flirts and interactions."
"Yes I'll just wait here until some prince comes and sweeps me off my hooves."
Lil responded by quirking an eyebrow at the sudden bitterness.
"Whatever happened with that mage-hunter fellow you spent some time with at the Recluse?"
"The Legion happened and I haven't seen him since." She shrugged. "He was alright I guess. Though he was quite quirky. And I'm not sure what his heart was like. At least not from the time I spent with him, despite him sharing some... interesting facts about himself."
"Well I think you should try and spend more time with him if you see him again. It's not always immediately obvious if someone will sweep you off your hooves you know. In fact I'd say it rarely is."
"I suppose you're right." Kyni looked over at the memorial again. "Well I think we are done here." She snapped to salute with her fingers to her forehead.
Lil followed suit, though with a little less gusto than her older sister. Then they both turned around to leave.
"Maybe you should come over for dinner with me and Aroona tonight?" Lil smiled at Kyni.
"I'd like that... I'd like that very much." Kyni's lips broke into a much needed smile.
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