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I wanted to write a story for my goblin. And since I did, I might as well post it here.

Not my best work but meh. It serves its purpose at least.


The humidity hung over Booty Bay on this hot summer's day, the streets were bustling with life as always. Between pirates, adventurers, thugs and other fortune seekers it was just another day on the cape of Stranglethorn. The waves crashed gently against the shore and piers, guiding vessels safely to port for docking. In a dimly lit back room in the old Port Authority building, a meeting of sorts was going down.
"I swear I was gonna pay you yesterday but stuff went down and I just didn't have time to come around." The goblin man rubbed his neck nervously while his other hand rested on the table. Across it stood another goblin, a lady, with an annoyed look on her face behind her large oval glasses.
"Yeah yeah, like I ain't heard that one before. Don't insult me with that crap, Elroy. You should know that a date like that is not up for negotiation. You pay up on time or bad stuff happens, just look at where you are right now." She gestured to the room.
"Come on, you're a nice gal, help a guy out here, Connie- " She smacked a thin bamboo stick across his hand, making him yell in agony.
"My name is Constance! And that's 'Lady Lockblast' to you, you insolent, disrespectful gnat." She took her glasses off for a moment to polish them and wipe some sweat out of her brow, the room was getting a bit stuffy from the outside heat. "But you're right, I -am- a nice gal. I helped yous out when you stumbled in here a couple of months back. But any self-respecting goblin knows that everything comes with a price tag, especially in this town." She put the glasses back on her nose and leaned on the table, staring into the man's eyes. "And it's time to pay your debts, Elroy. It's nothing personal, it's just business. I've been lenient with you before, but now you're getting the stick, because you've gotten the idea that lenience meant I was soft." She walked slowly around the table.
"Look, Miss Lockblast, you gotta understand. I don't even have the money right now, because I'm still waiting for the shipment to come back to me with the money! That's why I didn't pay you yesterday!"
"Bullshit! Now you listen to me you son of a murloc!" She slammed his head into the table. "Either you pay up in gold, -today-, or I will take my payment out of your enterprise directly, including your fingers!"
"Ow! Knock it off! Surely we can come to some kind of agreement?"
"You honestly think we're negotiating here? Did your momma drop you or sumthin'?" She glared into his eyes. "You know what, I'm thinking that you're leaving me no choice." She let go of him, stepped away over to another table, bringing a blackjack mace back with her. She grabbed Elroy's arm forcibly, placing his hand on the table and raising the blackjack over her head.
"Alright alright alright!"
Constance brought the blackjack down with a brutal slam, barely a few centimeters away from Elroy's fingertips. He cried out in mere shock and reflex.
"Alright! I'll get you the money just cut it out okay?!" He sounded like he'd just wet himself.
"See, that wasn't so hard now was it? And turns out I'm so nice that you get to walk away with all your fingers this time. But mark my words, any more negligence outta yous and I will take every last one of them, you got that?"
"Y-yeah... Loud and clear Lady Lockblast."
"Goon will be tagging along with you back to your place to collect." She looked over in the shadowy corner, where an orc stood silently. He nodded in response. "Oh, and sorry about the headache, Elroy."
Constance flipped the blackjack in her hand and struck Elroy over the head with the handle end.
"Ow! lay off!"
"Now get outta here. Off ya go." She walked over to the door and opened it up motioning for Elroy to get moving. As he and the orc left, she shook her head and sighed. "I swear. New punks are always so lacking in respect."

Constance stretched and closed the door behind her. She pushed her glasses up on her nose with her middle finger and proceeded out of the building and up towards the upper tiers of the city. She stopped outside the door of an unobtrusive house and folded her arms across her chest, looking up at it before looking over her shoulder out towards the sea, taking in some of the sunlight as the sea gulls called in the distance. She turned around properly to face the sea, staring at the horizon for a minute before she turned her head from whence she'd come just before.
"You know, you're not as stealthy as you think you are, hun."
"Wow you're breakin' my heart, sweet sugar." A goblin man stepped out from behind some crates a few paces away and walked up to Constance, putting an arm around her waist and moving in to kiss her before she stopped him with a firm hand to his shoulder.
"Hey cut it out, I'm on the clock right now. Wha'd'ya want?"
"Just seein' my sweetheart."
Constance rolled her eyes.
"Look, I appreciate it, but you gotta stop hangin' on me like this when I'm workin'."
"Come on, Constance, I'm bored outta my mind here. The old man hasn't given me any work in days. If I didn't know any better I'd think he was shutting me out."
"Well don't look at me, I dunno what he's up to. Now scram, I'll come see ya at the Salty Sailor tonight, yeah?"
"Alright, see ya then, toots."
Constance snuck a peck onto his cheek before he let go of her and left. She turned towards the house again and went inside. The voice of an old, weathered goblin man sounded from the back office on the far end of the room.
"So, d'ya handle it?"
"Yeah pops, Goon is with him right now to collect."
"I'm not your pops, girl."
"Hah, no but you wish you had a daughter like me." She proceeded over to the office door.
"You know back in my day, that chump would have been sleeping with the fishes right now. Haven't I taught you anything? What gives?"
"What do you mean 'back in your day'? You're still in the game for cryin' out loud. And he ain't sleepin' with the fishes yet 'cus the fishes won't put gold in his pocket for us to collect. But I got the message across to him, trust me." She leaned against the doorframe into the office with hands across her chest.
"Second chances doesn't get you the right rep, Connie. You gotta understand that word of mouth is important in this business. That's how you know people respect you, and won't try and mess with you like that chump tried with you today."
"Maybe I'm trying to not have people piss their pants as soon as I enter the room. Besides, I ain't your enforcer. You wanna break kneecaps and throw people in Neptulon's Locker, you can do it yourself. That's not my way unless there's no other way."
"Well why don't I just toss this here cane aside and roll up my sleeves then? Oh right, I'm an old man!"
"Then take Goon and Luca with you, that's why you're paying them. And people still respect you in this town after all, so what's the problem? People know they're in deep when you tell 'em you need to talk."
The man leaned back in his desk chair, making the old wood creak under him. He sighed and looked sideways over at Constance in the doorway.
"Goon and Luca are both good boys, and they pull their weight. But I'm not sure they always handle things as well as you. I might not always approve of your methods, but you got that look in your eyes that gets results, and I suppose that's all that matters in here." He poked a heavy finger down on a large, black book on his desk. "Goon is a bit heavy-handed, or dare I even say ham-fisted sometimes, he lacks finesse. He didn't get that name from nowhere. Luca, on his end, is just reckless, no matter how often I tell him to get his act together. I've been hoping you would be a good influence on him, but I guess that stuff takes time. But time is money, y'know, and I admit I'm losing my patience with him."
"Yeah 'cus you have that in abundance, boss."
"Ey, watch your tone, or I'll smack that sarcasm off your lips." He pointed a warning finger at her with stern eyes to back it up.
"Well do you intend to do anything about him?"
"I don't know. I haven't given it too much thought yet. But maybe you can do me a solid and talk some sense into him, eh? He listens to his girlfriend after all. And while I'm sure he respects me as his boss, I get the feelin' he doesn't always like listening to a crusty old-timer like me."
"Well ain't it your way to smack some sense into him then?" Constance shifted a hand to rest on her hip.
"I guess I just ain't got the energy for it anymore. Way back I'd have kicked his ass already, but now I've just settled with having him strung out for a few days."
"Yeah he mentioned that. He was practically fidgeting when I saw him earlier. I would maybe say your tactic is working against its purpose. But alright I'll talk to him. I'm seeing him later tonight anyway."
"Alright, I guess you're off the hook for today then, assuming Goon doesn't get lost on the way back here."
"Works for me. Thanks pops." She turned around into the other room, heading for the stairs. She turned her head to yell back to the boss. "Oh and by the way, promise me you'll send Goon or Luca next time you need to calculate with someone else's digits, alright? I'm your talker and mover, not your enforcer. You gotta let the boys handle that stuff, it's the only way they'll get better at it."
"I hear ya, now push off." Constance could hear his chair creak again as he leaned forward to resume his work as she continued up the stairs to find her room.

Her room was smaller than Goon and Luca's, but at least she didn't have to share. Being the only girl in the crew had its benefits, especially paired with being an earner. She opened the window by pushing out the rod on the frame and wedging it in the windowsill to keep it up. The evening sun bathed the room in an golden glow. The wind was finally making its appearance as well. Even if it was gentle, it made a world of difference for the stale, humid air in the Bay. Constance sat down on her bed with her back to the window, grabbing a magazine off of her nightstand. The contents of which were any and all things a goblin gal like herself would want to read about during their "me time". everything from cosmetics and romance, gossip, and even a saucy read in every issue. And of course, guns, explosives and other gadgets and gizmos.

Barely thirty minutes passed by before she heard the old man scaling the stairs, no doubt to come talk to her again. She rolled her eyes and put the magazine aside before sliding off the bed. She walked out of the room and over to the banister on the stairs and leaned on it.
"Something you need, old-timer?"
"I'm afraid so. Looks like we have more work to do."
Constance made no attempt to hide her sigh.
"Fine, where do I have to go?"
"We all need to go actually."
"That sounds... serious?"
"It is. Turns out that idiot you handled today is in deep with more people than us. And they ain't fans of us protectin' our investments." He waved a piece of paper in his hand.
"I'll go collect Luca then." She turned back into her room to collect her gear - A large rifle and a machete.

After collecting Luca from the Salty Sailor Tavern, the three headed out to a meeting spot in one of the coves out of town. Dusk was upon the scene lending a golden orange hue to the sand and cliffs. The beach was riddled with crates, boxes, and chests befitting of any smugglers' cove. On a little clearing of sand between the random stacks and clusters of containers stood a band of assorted people, and in front of them Goon was on his knees with his hands tied up, looking like he had been roughed up a bit too. Behind him was a scruffy human aiming a pistol at him. Next to the human was a goblin man who looked like he was in charge. He looked like a younger version of the boss. He greeted them in a more disrespectful tone than you would expect from someone like him.
"Finally, I was starting to think I would just have to blow his brains out and leave him here for you."
The boss retorted in a calm voice but with obvious disgust.
"Sheesh, is this what passes as head honcho material these days? Pfah, kids these days."
One of the thugs in the other band took a step forward only to be halted by the goblin's hand.
"Now now, there's no need to make it personal, old man."
"Whaddya want? You have some balls to drag us out here when that's the hospitality you show us." He gestured to Goon.
Constance did a head count of the other band, they were outnumbered two to one for the moment, but her gut told her more could be in the area. They'd walked into the lion's den this time, even if most of the thugs seemed like they were still wet behind the ears. What was going on here?
"I'm gonna give it to ya straight. You're done. We'll be handling the business in town from now on."
"Really, and how exactly do you intend to do that? Last time I checked people like you don't get to operate in this town unless I let them. Roughing up my associates doesn't change that."
"Well you see, Booty Bay needs a fresh coat of paint... A bit of house cleaning, you know?" He turned his head to the human and nods. The human pulls his trigger and Goon slumps over forward in the sand.
"Sheesh, Looks like you could use some pointers when it comes to redecorating."
Constance knew the boss was a stone cold bastard when it came to business, but she would have expected a more heated response from him. It took every fiber of her will to not flip out as she looked over at her dead friend. As her right hand held her rifle, she reached discreetly into one of her pockets, wrapping her fingers around a grenade.
"Not really. There's a new boss in town, and you are old news." He pulled a gun and leveled it on the boss.
"Hmh. So this is what it's coming to then? You won't be building anything that'll last this way. Kids these days."
As he finished his sentence the other goblin shot him dead. After which all hell broke out around them as shots rang out from the thicket towards the band.
"Boss!" Constance pulled the smoke grenade out of her pocket and threw it down between them and the band, and checking on the boss. He was most certainly dead. She grabbed his cane as Luca grabbed her and pulled her into cover behind a crate. "You bastards!"
"Constance! Even with our backup we're outgunned here. We'll have our revenge, but not here."
Constance still decided to toss a couple of grenades their way. Then she fired off another smoke grenade to cover their escape.
"I guess we are dead in this town now, Luca."
"I know babe. No other choice than to make ourselves scarce."
"This wasn't the way I imagined myself leaving the Bay behind."
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That's great, really drew me in! When's the next instalment?
Boing! :bebored:
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Topic/Postby Lilandris » 20 Apr 2018, 01:38

I'm glad you liked it! :D

Not sure if or when I'll write any more stories featuring dear Constance. Time will show I guess. I suppose there's a greater likelihood that it'll happen now that someone has voiced their appreciation though. Warms my heart <3
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Well what do you know! Found some inspiration at the bottom of my desk drawer. So here's the next part of the story. Spoilers: There will be more later. :Q

Enjoy! Feedback is appreciated as always. I treat fanfic like this as practice anyway.


Part II

«Only guy the old man kicked up to was Baron Revilgaz himself. He was as far up on the food chain as you could get without being part of the Blackwater Raiders.» She stumped out her cigarette in the ashtray before immediately lighting a new one. «It sucks. The way he went out. Ventilated by some upstart punk who’s gonna be gone as soon as the tide turns more or less. Guys like that don’t pay their dues, and that’s all it takes to make the Baron keelhaul you and your buddies.» She rested her elbow on the table, holding the cigarette aloft between her fingers as she looked down towards the pier. The evening sun kept Ratchet warm and dry. The heat here was nothing like the Cape of Stranglethorn.

«Sign of the times, I guess.» Luca sat across the table from her, picking his teeth. «They don’t make ‘em like the old man anymore. Now it’s all punk gangsters and numbskulled thugs. Idiots who don’t know shit about respect.»
«Hear hear. You know I gotta admit I find it strange that you’re on this side, and not the other. I mean you could have fit right in with that crowd.» She looked at him.
«Ah you know I uh... I admired the old man, you know? Figured there had to be a reason why he managed to get that old while living this life.»
«Tch! Sure as shit, Luca. I think that’s the smartest thing I’ve ever heard you say.» She took a drag from her cigarette, exhaling the plume of smoke upwards at the canopy overhead.
«Ayy, there you go breakin’ my balls again, sweet sugar.» Their eyes met. His was weary, and didn’t seem to be in the mood for cracking jokes. Very unlike him. Hers were cold, as they often were, though this time there was a rage in them that had been put on ice. Anyone could tell she was bothered.
«But it’s not just that. People pissed their pants when he showed his face. I wanted to be like him in the end. Kinda broke my heart that he liked you a lot more. I think you have it in your blood, just like he did. You were the last one to join us, years after me and Goon even. And yet you were the one he trusted the most. My guess is he saw somethin’ in you that me and Goon didn’t have.»
«This sounds a lot like high praise, Luca.» She cracked a smile at him. «Aren’t you bitter though? I mean didn’t that pretty much ruin your dream?»
«Ah I knew better than to get mopey about it. I figured I could still earn his favor in time. Or at least learn enough from him for when I’d eventually strike out on my own. Old man was gonna kick the bucket some day anyway. Came a lot sooner than I expected. I ain’t ready to do my own thing yet.»
«Sure you are. I mean, in your own words you seem to wanna honor the old man’s ways. Maybe they still make ‘em like that after all, eh?»
«You really think so? I uh... I never felt like I’d be a good boss, you know.»
«Nobody is when they first get into it I think. There’s a learning process with everything. And if you paid attention to half the things the old man did and told us, I’m sure you’ll be able to figure the rest out in time.» She took another drag from the cigarette before stumping it out in the ashtray with the others. She reached for her case to find another, but it was empty. Her brow furrowed – Bad time to run out of smokes.

She stood up from the table, shouldering her bag.
«I gotta go find some more smokes.»
Next moment, a small band of thugs flung the doors of the tavern open, out to the terrace where the two were sat. They had their guns trained on the two goblins.
«The Boss sends his regards, you slick bastards.»
They opened fire right away. Constance and Luca had already flipped the table on its side and taken cover, reaching for their weapons in the process. The other people present either went for cover as well or got the hell out of dodge. The terrace was in complete chaos. Constance loaded her rifle to return fire. Luca had pulled his pistol, though he was not as eager to shoot back right away.
«Gazlowe’s fuckin’ wrenches! These guys have some nerve!» She peeked out beside the table, drawing a bead on the first thug she spotted and blew a big hole in him. No one could say Constance wasn’t an expert sharpshooter, and at this range it was peanuts. She ejected the empty case, putting in a new one with practiced ease. She leaned out again, but she quickly ducked back behind cover, as she was met with the muzzle of a blunderbuss trained on her side of the table, she barely ducked far enough away before the end of the table got shredded by the scattergun, sending wooden splinters everywhere. Constance took the opportunity afterwards, to peek out and blow the lady’s head off. There were two guys left coming at them with their swords drawn, as their guns were now empty, but they were closing the gap faster than either Constance or Luca could gun them down. They were caught in the melee. Constance wasn’t half as good in hand-to-hand, but she was agile at least. Luca, on the other hand was a skilled fighter. In the blink of an eye he’d dropped his gun to bring his blades to bare, the sunlight reflected off the shiny blades as they came out of their hidden sheaths in his armor.

The two remaining thugs came at them in tandem, both of them were goblins. Luca locked blades with one, the other went for Constance, though his eyes were on Luca before he came at her. He tried to kick her, but she was able to dodge out of the way. She held her rifle ready to parry the thug’s cutlass, but it was a faint, instead his boot connected with her gut, knocking the wind out of her and sending her to the floor. The thug grinned at her and turned his attention to Luca, it was clear they wanted to stack their odds in this fight.
She tried to yell out to her boyfriend, but she could barely make out the words after being kicked like that.
«L-.. Luca!» She coughed as she tried desperately to catch her breath, clamoring to her feet.
Luca had the other thug in a hold at this point, slitting his throat and dropping him in order to take on his incoming friend, but he could not raise his guard in time. They both tumbled to the floor, Luca lost one of his knives and his head smacked against the tile floor, sending him into a daze. He struggled against the assailant on top of him, trying to bring his blade down on Luca. They traded a few blows with their fists and heads, but Luca wasn’t winning. Constance leapt towards them, grabbing a chair on the way and smacked it across the thug’s back, utterly destroying the flimsy piece of furniture in the process. He stumbled off of Luca, almost falling over but managed to stay on his feet. Constance scooped Luca’s discarded knife up off the floor and charged at the disoriented thug. He didn’t even have time to try and raise his guard before Constance ran him through with the knife. The thug gargled and spat out some blood as his eyes grew wide, knowing his end had come. He went limp and flopped down on the floor as Constance let go of him.

She leaned against a support beam, sliding down to sit on the floor, giving a long tired sigh. Luca groaned on the floor, pinching his nose bridge.
«You alright, hon?» Constance looked over at him.
«Yeah... My head is spinning though, and my ears are ringing. Asshole gave me a proper concussion. I probably need a medic.»
Constance’s eyes darted towards the door again as the sound of heavy, hurried steps from multiple people came from the direction of the stairs. Her heart practically jumped up into her throat, but in the next moment she was relieved to see it was just the Ratchet Bruisers coming in. She raised her hand to wave a greeting to them.
«Geez, what a mess.»
«You can say that again. I’m uninjured, but my man here needs the doc. This idiot almost cracked his skull open on the floor here.» She nodded towards the corpse of the goblin laying dead on the floor next to her with his eyes still wide open.
«You didn’t instigate any of this did you?»
«Nope. I was just about to go buy some smokes when these amateurs came in guns blazing.» She got up on her feet again. She took her glasses off, wiping the blood off them with a piece of cloth. She wiped her face with the back of her hand before putting the glasses back on her nose. She gave another sigh. «Much better. Can I take my man to the doc now? You guys will clean this up, right? Sorry we made such a mess.» She walked over to collect her rifle and her bag again, then came back over to pull Luca off the floor.
«Ey, no need to be a smartass about it, lady.»
«Sorry. I know this part of your job sucks.» Supporting Luca at her side, she walked downstairs and made for the town doctor.
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Topic/Postby Shefaia » 30 Apr 2018, 01:02

Constance rocks!
Boing! :bebored:
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Topic/Postby Sven » 30 Apr 2018, 13:02

And then she gets strangled to death by a Tauren ;)
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Topic/Postby Lilandris » 30 Apr 2018, 18:51

I'm glad you find it enjoyable to read :D

I'll get around to part 3 soon I hope xD
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Topic/Postby Lilandris » 18 May 2018, 04:25

At long last, here comes the long anticipated part three of this story!

Took me a while to get this done, but I'm pleased with how it turned out. Enjoy, and lemme know what you think :D


Part 3

«Listen, Luca, Babe, I think we gotta lay low for a while. It’ll be easier for us if we split up. I’m gonna go to Thunder Bluff to see an old friend.»
«What do you mean split up?! What a-» Constance cut him off
«Hey! Calm down or the doc’s gonna flip on ya.» She sighs. «It’s just for a little while, until things quiet down. Until those jerk-offs in Booty Bay get themselves thrown to the sharks. No big deal, you’ll see me again before you know it.»
«So what you’re just gonna leave me here? All defenseless!»
«Don’t be such a fuckin’ baby about it. I paid the bruisers to keep an eye out, alright? You’ll be fine. Then when you’re back on your feet, you can get on with your next move. You’ll have a few days here in bed to think about what you’re gonna do.» She gestured to the bed her poor boyfriend lay in with his head wrapped up in gause.
«Sweet sugar I’m beggin’ you here. We could totally stick together and still lay low.»
«We’re too easy to recognise when we’re together, and my friend he’s uh... Let’s just say I’m probably the only goblin he puts up with.»
«Ey, that’s racist actually! Some friend!»
«Shut your mouth, he’s a tauren for fuck’s sake, they just tick different than we do. Nothin’ wrong with that. He don’t hate us, he just doesn’t have the patience all the time. And he’s got gigs I can do, so I’ll be able to eat and such. You should find something to do as well. I’ll come find ya when the time’s right.» She turned to walk out.
«I don’t believe this!»
«It’s for the best, Luca.» She spoke as she walked, slamming the door behind her. Outside, she lit herself a cigarette and sighed to herself.
«I’m sorry Luca, really I am. Breaks my heart to leave you behind.»
She stood there in silence for a long moment, thinking hard.
I gotta pay Uncle Paulie and Cousin Selma a visit in Orgrimmar first, I think.

Orgrimmar was as hot and dusty as ever, takes some getting used to when you’re used to the humidity of the jungle heat. This was a far cry from the gentle breeze over the plains of Mulgore. Constance made her way to the goblin slums, finding her way to Uncle Paulie’s ’’Pawnbroker & Loans’’ shop. Soon as she stepped inside, a familiar voice called out to her from behind the cashier bars.
«If I didn’t know better! Constance! What brings you here?» Paulie wore a big smile, heading for the door to come out from behind the counter, walking over to pull her into a big hug and kissing her cheeks.
«Uncle Paulie! It’s so nice to see you! How’s business?» She smiled back at him. She’d always liked her uncle, he was a much more jovial person than his brother, Constance’s father.
He pulled back, keeping his hands on her shoulders and looking at her.
«Business is good. Us goblins might still not be at the top of the food chain here in Orgrimmar, even after they kicked out that jackass Garrosh. But at least we don’t gotta worry about being targets of random violence anymore. These orcs they, uh.. They might not always like us that much, but they always come crawlin’ to us when there’s math and numbers that need doing.» He laughed heartily.
«Hah, yeah. Knuckleheads. I only wish I was here under better circumstances.»
«Better circumstances? Did something happen?»
«We should talk in the back. By the way, where’s Selma?»
«She’s out getting our lunch money.» He winked at her.
«Heh, you keepin’ her busy then?»
«You betcha, come on.» He put his hand on her back, leading her behind the counter and into the back room.

She gave him the rundown of what had gone down in Booty Bay and Ratchet, Paulie was left with a concerned look on his face, leaning back in his chair and rubbing his chin thoughtfully.
«There’ll be consequences, I guarantee you that, Constance. The old guy was a made man. Those punks’ll feel the reprecussions, even if they don’t buy into the old ways. There’s enough old school people like us around still.» He waved his finger between himself and Constance.
«Yeah no shit, Paulie. Problem is, Booty Bay is a shitshow right now. These kinds of punks have been starting wars. Best let it cool off before we make any pushes back in.»
«I’m gonna talk to the other guys. I appreciate you comin’ to me with this Connie.»
«My name is Constance.» She smirked at him.
«What, doesn’t me being the cool uncle gimme a pass on that?»
«In your dreams. It’s a beautiful name, people shouldn’t mangle it.»
«Well you got me there. But really though, I appreciate you bringin’ the news.»
«Ah, just doing my part. Can’t let the trash win, now can we? I’m not made like you and the old man, but I try to pay my dues.»
«You may well be one day, Constance. You’re an earner, plus you’re smart and loyal.»
«Heh, I dunno. But I appreciate your flattery, Uncle.» She smiled at him.
The front door opened, followed by a lady goblin’s voice.
«Dad, I’m back! Where are you hiding?»
«Selma! In the back, you won’t believe who came to visit!»
The back room door opened, and in stepped a fit, plated, blonde haired goblin lady, about the same age as Constance. As their eyes met, they both broke into big smiles.
«Selma!» She rose from her seat, walking over to hug her cousin. «Gazlowe’s wrenches, it’s good to see ya. It’s been years.»
«Good to see you too, shooter. How’s Booty Bay doing?»
«Oof, not good. S’why I’m here, really.»
«Aw, sorry to hear that. You’re stayin’ for dinner, right?»
«Sure, I suppose I’m not in a hurry.» She sits down again. Selma takes a seat at the table as well.
Paulie runs a hand through his hair, scratching his neck.
«Constance, since you’re here, you mind givin’ us a hand? Lately it’s been just me and Selma here, so we’re a bit short-handed. We’re paying someone a visit tonight, some people who aren’t paying back their loans. They’ve got some friends there, though, so it’d be nice if we can have an extra body with us, you know?»
«What’s in it for me?» She grinned at him.
He chuckled in response, matching her grin with his own.
«You sure are a proper goblin to boot, Constance. I’ll make sure a little bit trickles down on ya for the favor.»
«Sounds like fun, it’ll be just like old times. Breaking noses, yelling and property damage.»
Selma chuckles as well.
«And here I thought you were the kind of gangster who didn’t like to get her hands dirty?»
«It’s fun to indulge from time to time. Gotta stay in touch with my roots, eh? I’m supposed to be laying low, but this sounds like too much fun to pass up.» She rubbed her hands together, looking from Paulie to Selma.
«Great. We’ll head over there after dinner.»

The place was a smaller venue on the other side of the slums, wasn’t easy to tell what kind of business it was trying to be. Maybe a little bit of everything, but nothing too successful. The place was a proper dump like one would expect in this part of Orgrimmar.
«Here we go, ladies. Let’s make ‘em shit bricks.»
Selma took point, kicking the door open and heading inside with a wooden club raised. Paulie and Constance were right on her heels. Selma gave an incoming goblin a good whack to the stomach, sending him to the floor clutching himself. From their side an orc came at them, Constance stopped him dead by pointing her pistol at his face. He began backing away slowly with his hands up.
«How ya doin’?» She moved her aim down to his leg, putting a bullet through his kneecap. The orc screamed in pain as he fell on his back, clutching his leg. «You bitch! You goblin bitch!»
«Ey! You want one in the other one too? Shut the fuck up.»
Paulie headed straight for the counter at the far end of the room. The owner looked like he was about to shit himself and scrambled towards the back door, but he was too slow. Paulie grabbed him by the neck of his shirt, turned him around and gave him a sucker punch right in the nose, sending him stumbling towards the center of the room. He stopped against a table, trying to regain his balance and ward off another attack from Paulie. But before Paulie could get close to him, Constance grabbed and decked him and punched him in the face repeatedly, he was starting to bleed heavily. Selma got busy trashing the room, breaking furniture and grabbing money and valuables.
«You like this? This is what happens when you don’t pay your debts, asshole!» She kept punching him in the face. «Piece of shit!»
The owner could only yammer and yell, unable to defend himself from the beatdown at this point.
Paulie laughed, enjoying the spectacle of seeing his niece in action. He walked behind the counter, going through the shelves for bags of money, grabbing them as he found them.
«Well would you look what I found. My money! Can you believe that? Looks a little light though. Best make sure you pay up the rest soon. With interest! Else we’ll come back, and we won’t be so polite next time.»
«You’ll get the money I swear on my mother!»
«You don’t have a mother, you piece of shit. You crawled out of the raptor’s ass. But you better have the rest of my money in two weeks. C’mon ladies, we’re leaving.»
Constance stood up and straightened her skirt and pulled a stray lock of hair behind her ear before walking out. Selma followed with her club resting over her shoulder, blowing a kiss to the whimpering owner. Paulie slammed the door as they left.
«I see you haven’t lost your touch, Constance. Could use a body like you here, you know.»
«That was fun. I’d love to Uncle Paulie, but I gotta be serious about layin’ low. I got a target on my back until Booty Bay gets cleaned up again, so I’m heading to Thunder Bluff to meet my old friend, J. He owes me, and he’s got some work that’s a little more subtle and keeps me moving around.» She stopped, looking at her uncle, opening her arms to hug him. Selma chimed in.
«Aww, come on, you haven’t even been here a full day! Leaving so soon?»
«’Fraid so, Selma. It was great seeing you again though, you scrapheap.» Constance grinned at her and gave her a hug.
«Yeah, was good seein’ you too, four-eyes. Come see us again soon.»
Paulie handed her one of the money bags he had collected. The biggest of the lot.
«Here, you take good care of yourself, Constance. And say hi to your ma’ for me when you see her.»
«Will do. You two stay on top too, eh? So long!» She turned to walk away, heading for the flight master.
«So long, Connie!»
Constance stopped, grinning at Selma over her shoulder, and pushing her glasses up on her nose.
«My name is Constance.»

The End
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