a wave too much

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a wave too much

Far on the coasts of Westfall stood a gnome next to what a mere observer would consider scraps of bits and pieces of metal whirring gears.

Bandarius could be called many things, but crazy was not among the things he was considered. unlike his brethren the other gnomes he had a passion that wasn't engineering, but most gnomes never understood him.

Even at a young age Bandarius would scribble on his notebook during engineering lessons cloth patterns.

It might seem to a human or a draenei a minor problem, but gnomes see engineering not only as the future of the world but also as the only hope in fighting off future attackers.
True engineering did fail them in the past, but, some robots you get to work like you won't some explode on you.

If anyone would ever have done statistics of how many gnomes died during lab accidents he would be amazed they haven't yet stopped engineering.

Back to our little gnome, he was red faced in front of the machine he built, kicking the machine on a loose button at what could best be described the left foot of the machine. Foot might be an exaggeration since the robot had 5 feet-like tentacles holding it in place.

Bandarius wasn't red because of the hot sun, nor was he having problems breathing. He was raging mad at the invention, it was supposed to be a very sophisticated valve to enable him to draw sweet water from the sea without need to do more than press 10 or so buttons, simple by any gnomish engineer.

The machine started shrieking after it was kicked. Bandarius jumped up in joy thinking to itself "finally it works! it works!". The machine started pumping in water from the ocean, a black rubberlike substance started to bubble near the head of the machine when suddenly the loose tap knocked off and a major stream of cold water was sprayed directly in Bandarius's body, knocking him off his feet.
Wave after wave the water was sprayed out of the machine.
Bandarius embracing his first lesson of engineering teachings"run before it explodes" ran off to his mechanostrider and went off...

A murloc nearby roamed near the big structure simply curious as to what it was when he saw water spraying he was happy and started taking a shower in it, noticing to his enjoyment that it was sweet water.

A day later Bandarius came back to the spot, the machine was gone and so were the murlocs, apparently finding a better place to put the big machine.
who knows their plans...
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