Project Phoenix II

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Topic/Postby Shevron » 24 Sep 2008, 10:27

Project Phoenix II

People that have been around for Project I may know what this is all about. As for the rest, here is what Project Phoenix II is.

From time to time, our roster gets a good cleanup and a few upgrades or modifications. Reason being that along the years people and alts start adding up, and roster becomes full of alts that are never played, recruits that never logged on after joining guild, and other odds and ends. Project Phoenix is a little excersice that I had come up with to address these issues.

Please keep in mind, that this excercise is not aimed to discriminate anyone. It's merely a cleaning excercise that we deem necessary with an expansion around the corner. First we cleaned out the Guild Bank, now it's the roster's turn.

At 6:30pm (Server Time) tonite
, some mass kicking will take place. It will happen in more or less the following steps:
  • Kicking out ALL alts, irrelevant if active or not (Guild Rank - Accomplice), thus leaving all active main chars only.
  • Kicking out the highly inactive people (3 months+ : a few have already been removed).
  • Giving some promotions to Veteran Rhymers if we deem appropriate.
  • Reinviting the alts of mains that ask us to, therefore having just the active ones that matter.
The point of the excercise with alts is simple. We currently have 100 members in the guild, and 63 active accounts. This means that a good portion of the roster is composed of alts. Some are played, some are not, and some we have no idea who they belong to. This excercise will reset our alt count to none, then everyone is welcome to request an alt to rejoin the Guild.

Please keep in mind the following points about alts:
  • All people having a main char in the Guild are allowed an additional 2 alts.
  • If you had an alt added, and you don't play that alt anymore, it would be appreciated if you could remove the alt yourself instead of waiting for the expiry date and have him kicked.
  • As some of you know we periodically clean out the roster from unplayed chars. The old expiry dates still apply. 2 months for mains, and 1 month for alts (unless there's a pre-specified reason why you won't be around of course. In that case you'll stay).
  • Please refrain from changing alt notes from names to nicknames. We know it's fun and all, but it gets confusing after a year, trying to make out who is who when the only note on that alt is "fluffy bunny".

So please start thinking about alts that you would like to keep in the Guild as they will have to be reinvited after tonite. That way we'll be able to add notes to them about who is who.

Please DO NOT ask for exceptions for the kicking. Understand that this is not being done out of hard feeling for anyone, but for counter resetting purposes. Once cleaning has been then, you are welcome to have any alts invited back right away.

Also, Guild Rules are being revised to accomodate certain unclear issues that may be present in there. This way we'll avoid clashes about specific issues in the future.

Please reply in the General Discussion thread HERE if you have any queries or things that need clarification. All officers will be happy to help.

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