RnP: Guild Rules

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RnP: Guild Rules

Rhyme and Punishment Guild Rules

Helping you to be a better sla.. person!


/g Is In Character (IC) /o Is Out of Character (OOC) - At all times. Brackets (( these )) are NOT tolerated, and should never ever be used. Ever!

Officer chat (/o) can be seen by each member, it makes for a more efficient OOC chat than using extra channels, as we can be sure everyone can see it. Guild chat (/g) is an open RP area for your character to meet other RnP members - The location of this chat is different for each member, however we like to think of it as a Guild Hall, containing a Gnomish radio or magical item to receive messages from a hearthstone or trinket. This is up to you, but please respect guild members and try to state if you're transmitting or in the area.

Please try to keep your discussions clean, as we may well have some underage players logged in. This does not mean you have to act like a child. Innuendo and jokes are always better and swearing in the OOC channel is tolerated, but please keep it to an absolute minimum - there's no excuses to string a load of obscenities.

When talking in Global channels and amongst other people, be sure to talk in clear English. We understand some people may not have a strong grasp of English but we do expect you to always speak in it. Swearing IC or in any form of public channel or party is not tolerated, as is adult discussion.

Regular RP Realm rules also apply - Found here.

Behaviour and Attitude

All guild members are expected to be kind and respectful towards each other, aswell as helpful and patient. Name-calling, unwanted jokes, singling out and bullying in any shape or form will not be tolerated. Arguments and disagreements do happen, please try to avoid them and don't feed the problem even more. Using the /ignore feature on any guild member is unacceptable, if you have a problem with someone then contact an Officer and they will help you.

If a Guild member asks you to leave them in peace, stop joking or anything of this kind, respect their request and do as asked. If you feel it's unfair, then again, contact an Officer.

Your Character

Your Character in-game represents who you are, aswell us. You wear the Guild name over your head at all times and any actions you take will be shown as a part of who we are. Understandably some characters may be slightly mad, alcoholics, grumpy or downright evil. It's okay to RP them to the full, but if you get hints that someone's had enough of your presence or Role-play, whisper and apologise, and leave them be.

Superhuman (Elf, Gnome, Dwarf, Fish.. whatever) powers are not tolerated, aswell as silly character traits like the son of Illidan or Cairne and Jaina's lovechild. Please make an original persona. Strange powers are okay, but nothing totally lore or RP breaking is accepted. You cannot destroy planets using a high powered beam from a Moonbase, nor can your character kill people using kittens being shot from their nostrils.

Any form of Erotic Role-play is -not- acceptable. The game is 12+, and not only is this a bannable offence by GM's, it makes us look like we support this form of Role-play. What you do in private is up to you, but anyone caught doing this in public channels of any kind will be asked to leave the guild.

Events and Meetings

As a Role-playing and Social guild, we hold Events and Meetings on a regular basis, we do ask you to try and attend if you can. We don't expect you to attend every one, or have to change any Real-life plans, but please try and make some if you can. People spend alot of time and effort creating events, so please try and take part if you can, you won't regret it.

If you are online, and there is a meeting due, you will be expected to turn up. If you cannot or don't want to then logout - It may sound harsh, but Meetings will be declared on the forums and in the Guild Message of the Day ahead of time.

Guild meetings are held in random locations, often last minute. We try our best to tell people where, but any hard to reach locations are supported by summons to help lower levels. We do ask if you can make your own way, please do. Don't be lazy.

During meetings, when someone is talking please listen and keep emotes and chat log spam to a minimum. People may not be able to see or read important goings-on if your character is telling us every detail about how they're picking their nose, or what they ate for breakfast. Meetings are a good way to catch up and get to know other members, as drinking and antics often happen afterwards, the Rhyme way.

Meetings will be the ONLY place promotions take place!

Groups, Instances and Raids.

We are not a Raiding guild; we do however do instances, raids and group quests often by using the Raids and Instances section on the forum, or just spur of the moment. If you need or would like an instance, you can ask in game or through the forum, but please do not beg. The same applies for Boosting through lower level instances - ask politely, or ahead of time and people will be glad to! Just don't take advantage.

The same chat and behaviour rules apply here and please -try- and stay for the duration of the raid or instance, one run by the guild or an outside Party.

The Guild Bank

Upon reaching the Rank of Rhymer, you will be allowed access to the Guild Bank!

You can deposit most things you think people may need, however junk and easily obtainable items are not accepted, aswell as simple or aesthetic items such as shirts or RP dresses. If unsure, look in the Guild Bank for ideas, you'll get a general idea of where things go by looking at the labelled tabs and stacking of items.

If you would like an item from the Guild bank, you can ask any Officer online. If none are present then you can mail Lintissa, our Custodian, who will check and price the item(s) you would like. We do often charge for higher value items, usually half or one third of the Auction House price. If you are known to be a regular contributor to the bank, this may not be the case. Any money deposited to the bank will be used for buying new Guild Bank Tabs and needed items for Events/Guild instances.

Any item taken must be for personal use only, we do not accept items being taken and used for an Alt/Person outside of the guild or sold on the Auction House unless you have asked permission.

The Forum

The Forum is an excellent place to get to know your fellow guild members, arrange in game events and just have fun. The same behaviour and chat rules do apply here, and in the Chat box located at the top of the Main Page.

Feel free to use any of the forums features, just use some common sense in what you post and say. As far as ranks on the forum are concerned, these are managed by the Admins. If you have a problem with the forum, refer to this thread for who to contact.

Private messages are another way for Officers and Guild Members to contact you, please login and check them often, as you may have something important waiting!


You may have a small handful of alts join Rhyme if you wish, but we'd prefer they were active and we might ask that you first rise above the rigorous trials of Lamb before we take any in. Usually it's two or three a head, depending how busy things are or what colour Dipity's socks happen to be that day. If you wish, you can join a channel we have for alts and friends outside of Rhyme.

/join AltandPunishment

Guild Ranks

Here is a list of ranks, along with their meaning. Promotion is decided by Officers, who do keep a watchful eye on when you join and your actions. Please do not beg or request a promotion.

Officers and Ranks

Thank you, and most of all.. Enjoy your time in Rhyme and Punishment, remembering that Alwynn smells!
Shevron wrote:(that came out larger than I expected)
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Shevron wrote:(that came out larger than I expected)
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May we remind you, that ERP is strictly forbidden as long as you are part of this Guild, and will result in a kick without questions. Recently certain individuals have been caught and pointed out by sources outside the Guild, and are being watched closely.
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Slight addition:

/e is not an OOC channel. It's for emotes.
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To make this easier to see! :C
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