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Guild Officers

These is the current Rhyme and Punishment Officer Roster:

Guild Mistress & Queen Bee:
  • Serendipity
Ranking Officers:
  • Shevron
  • Alwynn
  • Fereth
  • Toot
  • Lilandris

Forum Administrator:
  • Shevron
Other Ranks:


- A rank for our fine Guild Bank Manager, any requests for items should go to this person.

Exalted Rhymer:

- This rank shows you are the best of our guild, cream of the crop! Congratulations and enjoy the perks that come with this title.

Veteran Rhymer:

- This rank is for the people that have been in the guild for a year, well done!


- A full Guild Member. This rank is issued to people that have been around a while, and became household names. *grin*


- Alt characters. You are allowed a total of 2 alts per main character.


- A newly joined member. If he proves himself, he/she will be bumped to Rhymer.


- Doh! This rank is given to people that are inactive with pre-advise.


Promotions are decided by Officers. If you have been in the guild for a year, Veteran Rhymer is yours. Otherwise, please do not ask.

Note on Guild cleanups: We want to avoid having a Guild roster crawling with zombie characters that haven't played or logged on for aeons, so the roster is regularly cleaned up from old characters that never really said bye!

Current agreed upon expiry dates are:

  • Main Character - 2 months
  • Alt Characters - 1 month

Should the above limits of inactivity be exceeded, the character will be removed from the guild roster. No hard feeling there. It's just to keep things neat.
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