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Topic/Postby Nysard » 12 Jan 2008, 04:33

Codex: The Forums and You!

Welcome to the new Rhyme and Punishment forums, no doubt many of you will be familiar with the vBulletin style forums, but we’ve also added a few custom additions, so below you’ll find a list of handy tips to get you started.


There’s now a nice 700+ Warcraft themed avatars for your disposal. Please feel free to use them should you wish.

To change your avatar, head to the User CP > Edit Avatar section or if you’re feeling a bit lazy, just click here

Warcraft Items

You can now directly link an in game item into a post by using the “item” tags. It’s all quite straight forward really, simply use the following:

[ item] Item name [ /item] – Remember to remove the spaces or it won’t display

This is what you should end up: [Halberd of Desolation]

Alternatively you can just paste the direct URL from WoWhead: -

Embedded Video’s

So you found a swish YouTube video and want to share it with everyone? No problem, just place the URL into the post and the video will be displayed automatically right here on the forum, so no need to venture off into the lands of YouTube. Simply add the [ url]Address here[ /url] (remember to remove spaces) and you're good to go!


It also works for a number of different sites including Google Video and all the main ones.

Gaming Profile’s

Quite a few of us play games other than Warcraft, so now you can share your:
[*]Xbox Live[/*:m]
[*]Wii Codes[/*:m]
[*]PSN Alias[/*:m][/list:u]
To input your details simply go into your User Profile and scroll down.

You can then view peoples various gaming alias’s by viewing their profiles.

Private Guild Areas

If you are a current member and do not have access to the private guild areas, give either myself or Shevron a poke and we'll get you sorted.

Warcraft Characters

You can now enter your Warcraft characters in the Edit Profile section of the User CP.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and you'll find the Warcraft characters setting. To set your characters simply input text in this format:


So for myself it would turn into:


When someone has Warcraft characters in their profile you can view them by clicking the drop down menu, located just above their avatar. Clicking the character name will send you to their armory page.

User Titles

These are free to change at your own will so feel free to choose something completely random, which i'm sure you all will. You can find the option under your User CP.

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