Firefox multiprocessing!

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Topic/Postby Tormeron » 27 Sep 2017, 08:27

Firefox multiprocessing!

Hey friends,

After years of the community asking for a faster firefox experience,
Firefox has released version 55 which adds some interesting new options in the options menu.

If you access the options menu by clicking ALT then clicking on tools - options
you will see at the bottom of the main page of the options the 2 options of:
"Use hardware acceleration when available" and "content proccess limit"

Use hardware acceleration when available - basically means to use your graphic card instead of your CPU for graphics processing, while that is what firefox says, in some instances, if you feel it slows the machine down I would suggest disabling it, but with stronger machines, enabling this can make your firefox experience much more fluid and fast.

Content proccess limit - allows you to increase the threads of firefox on the CPU that it is able to create. though do mind the number, increasing it too high might consume all your memory if you have less than 8 GB of ram or if you use a lot of tabs.
For machines with 16+ GB of ram feel free to boost it up to 4 or even more.
If you are known for a lot of tabs be mindful of that number, lower it if you feel that it is taking too much RAM for you
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