I found an old movie

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Topic/Postby Finna » 23 Dec 2017, 16:38

I found an old movie

This movie I found on my account on youtube. It's an oldie but I still love it :)

It's from back in the days before Ninaste and Dorrah were transfered to Moonglade.
I was playing on Lightning's Blade (a pvp server) and you can see it's better I moved to Moonglade.
The guild was called "On Tour", because we couln't think of a better name and it sounded nice. I was the guildleader.
I had RP sounding rank names in the guild and as you can see I was already RP'ing inj those days. Not appreciated on a pvp server :-)

Well, here it is :)

Perhaps I'll try something like this for the Guard... I have enough alts :D

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