Special humorous event

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Special humorous event

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls!

I am proud to present the guild members voting day! Each of you will be allowed an allotted time to voice their opinion about why they should be elected as the most awesome member in the guild!

All guilds are welcomed and you can vote for members in other guilds to be the most awesome member!

The winner of this election shall be given time for a finishing speech and gloat about his achievement of being the most awesome guild member.

No cursing of other guilds or members is allowed, any member cursing another guild or member shall be disqualified.
No spitting on rats is allowed either, any member spitting on a rat shall be forced to apologize.
The elections shall be monitored and handled by Adrenus, I shall try to keep the thing civilized and fun, If i tell someone his / her time is up i shall give an extra 15 seconds to finish whatever he she began to say, but please don't push it.

every member will have the same time as others, I shall set the time depending on attendance.
please prepare your speech if you type slowly so you won't have to type a lot during the event and have no time to voice your reasons.

Time: 21:15 Moonglade server time
Date: 22/ July /2015

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Who can help me spread the word on the Moonglade forums?
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