Announcement: Torm's RP events

Perhaps you're organising an event, or maybe know of one, here's the place to let the world know.

Topic/Postby Tormeron » 13 Jan 2016, 09:34

Announcement: Torm's RP events

Greetings friends,

From now on I shall post below updates announcements or clarifications.
If you have any feedback or questions, ask below.

1. The Addon GHI is required if you wish to receive RP items to have for your future fun and / or wish to receive the text documents I sometimes give around to people. The event itself will never require you to have GHI in order to actually RP with the rest of us during the event. No usage of GHI is made to make the event, just add to it!

If you are uneasy about installing / using GHI you don't have to in order to attend my events!

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