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Topic/Postby Cherwina » 26 Mar 2019, 11:43

So annoyed I didn't make this last night. I got in to be greeted by someone who insisted on a 3 hour long argument over Brexit after already being depressed by the talk about it at work. By the time they left, I was a ball of angry, crying nerves on my sofa and had wasted my entire evening ._.
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Topic/Postby Dawnblade » 26 Mar 2019, 14:31

That's awful, Cher. Sorry you had your evening ruined. :(
We went picking flowers in the desert and made some strange food that Kitten refused to taste.
Others did and there was much belching or puking... not really sure where to draw the line, if you belch so there's a cascade of fel-green discharge...
Anyway. I'm sure you would have liked it but I'm also pretty sure there will be more events because now there's even a guild forming around the events.
So, you'll get more chances for fun! :)
The guild is called... ahm.. it's called...
I should know this, because Kitten joined it...
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Topic/Postby Cherwina » 26 Mar 2019, 15:13

The Botany Band? Isilae joined it :)
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Topic/Postby Gergel » 26 Mar 2019, 17:08

That sounds exactly like a Tormeron event, two point oh. Especially if the "strange food" now comes alive and starts attending future events.
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Topic/Postby Serendipity » 27 Mar 2019, 22:42

I do wonder.... We've definitely crossed paths at some point.
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