Character profiles.

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Topic/Postby Bynji » 21 Jan 2008, 11:59

Character profiles.

From the Moonglade forums.

Full Name:




Alignment: (See )



Topic/Postby Bynji » 21 Jan 2008, 11:59

Full Name: Bynji FIzzlesprocket
In-Game: Bynji
Nickname: Byn

Guild: Rhyme and Punishment
Title: Junior 3D Grade Pilot.

Race: Gnome
Class: Warrior
Professions: Mining and Engineering

Age: 20 years
Sex: Female
Hair: Always neatly washed, she ties her black hair into two pigtails.
Eyes: 2, green.
Weight: Without armour, 30 kilogram.
Height: 3 foot tall. Tee hee.
Garments/Armor: Rarely wears clothes, she rather wears er black and red armour.
Other: Has quite a lot of earrings and a tattoo showing she sat time in the Stockades.

PS, does works)

Neutral Good

A neutral good character does the best that a good person can do. He is devoted to helping others. He works with kings and magistrates but does not feel beholden to them. The common phrase for neutral good is "true good." Neutral good is the best alignment you can be because it means doing what is good without bias toward or against order.

Personality: Generaly friendly, always curious about everything, doesn't stands for injustice and is very protective for her friends, sometimes a bit too protective.

History: Just like many, born in Gnomeregan. A month before the great diaster she traveled to Stormwind to find a job. Sadly, she got into a bar fight and was thrown into the Stockades without trial.
After a few months, the Stockades rioted and she managed to escape with the help of Jason, a rogue.
She helped the Stockade guards capture prisoners who were on the loose and was seen as a small hero.

She then joined the Stormwind Militia and became a corporal, earning her stripes and a mighty warsteed. Having done that, she become a member of Rhyme and Punishment.

Topic/Postby Serendipity » 21 Jan 2008, 13:42

Full Name: Serendipity Hoteshem-Flamestrike
In-Game: Serendipity
Nickname: Too many... Red, Dip, Dips, Dipity, Seren, Sere, 'Oi you!'.

Guild: Rhyme & Punishment
Title: Queen Bee, Knight-Captain, Keeper of the Word

Race: Human
Class: Mage
Professions: Tailor & Skinner

Age: 23
Sex: Female
Hair: Red!
Eyes: Brown
Weight: Like she'd ever reveal that..
Height: 5 foot 6.
Garments/Armor: Far too many... Generally seen in a blue Knight-Captain's outfit, Sorceror's Regalia or some other fancy dress. But not gr... Gr...
Other: Smells flowery, drinks a bit too much, has an annoying sister, is often accompanied by speedy - her carnivorous pet turtle.

Alignment: Neutral Good.

Personality: Sunny, rather talkative and blithely ignorant of reality. Though she has an almost unshakable self confidence, she's open and friendly, if a little distant of people's affection.

History: Urrgh... I'll write that later - too much to put down while I'm at work!
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Topic/Postby Nysard » 21 Jan 2008, 14:24

Full Name: - Nysard
In-Game: - Nysard
Nickname: - Fish, Nys

Guild: - Rhyme and Punishment
Title: - Skyguard Captain

Race: Draenei
Class: Priest
Professions: Miner and Jewelcrafter

Age: Unsure, but believed to be anywhere around 25,000 - 40,000 Years old
Sex: Male
Hair: None, but has a horn.
Eyes: Glowing pale blue
Weight: Unsure
Height: 1 .75 average humans?
Garments/Armor: Can often be seen wearing his Robe of the Dragon slayer.

Personality: Still untrusting of most he meets, prefers to stand at the back of the crowd and listen as apposed to be at the front and speaking. More of an observer than anything, but when actions are needed will be the first in line to stand in the way of his enemies, especially if they are demon orientated.

History: Far to much to put here, keep an eye out for a thread in this forum section soon!

Topic/Postby Cherwina » 21 Jan 2008, 15:28

Full Name: Cherwina Dawnstrider
In-Game: Cherwina
Nickname: Cher, Chewy, Cheggers, Bear features, Branches... -_-

Guild: Rhyme and Punishment
Title: Druidess of Eldre'thalas

Race: Kaldorei
Class: Druid
Professions: Herbalist, Inscriber, Historian

Age: 10,000+
Sex: Female
Hair: Dark blue with silver ivy twisted in
Eyes: Silver (Gold if you ask Issy for some reason)
Weight: Average I guess... never done stats for a Night Elf in PnP o_O
Height: 7'2"
Garments/Armor: Usually purple cloth robes reminiscent of the colours of Eldre'thalas
Other: An ex-priestess of Elune who turned to nature after the battle of mount hyjal.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Personality: A quiet, knowledgeable Kaldorei. Cherwina spends much of her time observing the workings of other civilizations and learning more of the new Azeroth.

History: Currently offiline.


Full Name: Isilae Crystallya
In-Game: Isilae
Nickname: ... not been around long enough to get one, but I bet you lot are thinking of some...

Guild: The Botany Band
Title: N/A yet

Race: Draenei
Class: Hunter
Professions: Jewelcrafter, Miner

Age: Unknown
Sex: Female
Hair: Almost Black
Eyes: Blue
Weight: umm...
Height: 6'11"
Garments/Armor: Green leather outfit with black thigh high leather boot things...
Other: "Greetings! I bring crab!", "I come from island of blue to greet long ears and beards"

Alignment: Lawful Good (though not quite 'Paladin')

Personality: Friendly and somewhat loud, her lack of knowledge and overly carefree attitude have gotten her into trouble on a few occasions, even when she has the best of intentions.

History: Currently offline


According to the DnD Alignment test they are both neutral, but it's hard to answer the questions when they're not even relevant to the character... :/
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Topic/Postby Lyntaria » 21 Jan 2008, 15:46

Full Name: L?ntaria DiMauro Hilton
In-Game: L?ntaria
Nickname: L?n, Lyn for those that can`t make the ?, Locksie

Guild: Rhyme and Punishment
Title: Master Sergeant, Rhymer

Race: Human, caucasian
Class: The only true mages
Professions: Master Transmuter

Age: 26
Sex: when i feel like it... ow... errrmmm... female
Hair: brown
Eyes: reddish brown
Weight: If you want to become an inhabitant of a shoulshard, repeat that question
Height: 173cm
Garments/Armor: Gladiator Felweave, or a revealing lovely blue dress

Alignment: Neutral Evil (and I did fill that in in all good faith!)

Personality: Arrogant, rich and spoiled brat. Preferes to throddle in the company of high society women to give the men something to want after... and deny them.
Slight thad racist, and believes gnomes are only good to serve as liquor tables and elves are related to rabbits. Hates the Tauren for their smell, the orcs for their lack of intelligence, the trolls for their silly language and huge feet, and the blood elves, well, she`ll find some reason.
Does not believe in silly things like love, romance and monogamy, but does believe that gold makes the world go round.

History: Nothing spectacular actually. Born as the heiress to a wealthy Stormwind inn-owner, she was send to the mage tower as she seemed to have a talent for the arcane things. Got bored there very fast and learned of a darker and more daring form of magic. The rest is history... and though she thinks so otherwise, not likely to be remembered in the annals of Azeroth.

Topic/Postby Tiermaya » 22 Jan 2008, 01:30

Full Name: Rinu Fizzlespark
In-Game: Rinu
Nickname: Riiiiinnnuuuuuu

Guild: Rhyme and Punishment
Title: The Littlest Sociopath

Race: Gnome
Class: Warlock
Professions: Miner and Gnomish Engineer

Age: 55
Sex: Female
Hair: White
Eyes: Brown
Weight: 25lbs
Height: 2' 6" tiny even for a gnome.
Garments/Armor: Often seen wearing Shadoweave garments and pointed hat or anything that hides her face.
Other: Rinu is unhealthily thin and generally appears extremely ill. This doesn't seem to hinder her.

Alignment: Chaotic Evil (no joke this is what I got from the test)

Personality: Rinu is far from mentally healthy. She is paranoid, psychotic, Meglomaniacal and sadistic. Unable to cope with things turning against her she has a tendency to warp her recollection of events to put others in the wrong or at fault. For the most part she cares little for any life other than her own, only helping those she feels it is beneficial to have around. She has however developed an attachment to certain people, though she wouldn't admit it even to herself.

History: ... d.php?t=22

Full Name: Lady Tiermaya Giroval
In-Game: Tiermaya
Nickname: Tier, snoots

Guild: Rhyme and Punishment
Title: Hieress to House Giroval

Race: Human
Class: Mage
Professions: Enchantress and Tailor

Age: 28
Sex: Female
Hair: Pale Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Weight: No idea really
Height: 5' 5"
Garments/Armor: Tiermaya prefers to wear blues and whites and is often dressed in the finest materials she can manage.

Alignment: Lawful Good

Personality: Tiermaya is desperately in love... with herself. Her achievements and skill have gone to her head and she can be a bit too full of herself at times. She is however often quite friendly towards others though believes her Noble birth affords her instant respect and can get quite difficult to deal with when she does not recieve the treatment she expects.

History: Too much for here really. There's a thread coming soon.
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Topic/Postby Nomell » 22 Jan 2008, 02:40

Full Name: Nomell Fey Connell
In-Game: Nomell
Nickname: Nomy, Nomnom, Nom

Guild: Rhyme and Punishment
Title: Holy Priestess of the Naaru

Race: Draenei
Class: Priest
Professions: Tailoring and Skinning

Age: 2655
Sex: Female
Hair: Dark Blonde
Eyes: Light Blue
Weight: N/A
Height: 7' 8''
Garments/Armor: Mostly something with white, purple or blue.

Alignment: Lawful Good

Personality: Doesnt talk alot, very devoted to the Light. Very curious and a good listener. She tries to help people where she can

Topic/Postby Lilandris » 22 Jan 2008, 11:56

Ok i'm gonna post a more full one here...

Full name: Lilandris (Formerly known as Lilandris the Zealous. now known as Lilandris the Lightmancer. No family name known)
In-game: Lilandris
Nickname: Lil

Guild: Rhyme and Punishment
Title: Lightmancer (A lightmancer is basicly the opposite of a necromancer)

Race: Draenei
Class: Priest
Professions: Tailoring and skinning

Age: Unknown but young
Sex: Female
Hair: Indigo blue in a pony tail
Eyes: Light blue
Weight: Average draenei weight
Height: 7' 6"

Garments/armor: Favors garments in white red or brown, often a mix of all...

Alignment: Chaotic good

Personality: Mostly kind and happy, she takes her strength from the light and swings it fearlessly againts her foes. Her actions are always of good but it is not always in the preferred and/or the legal way (thereof her alignment) She has no qualms about helping others as it is kind of a part of her self-given task, but she has a nack for doing as she pleases and is often rash and jumps to conclusions.
And although you might not think so to meet her; she is also loyal to those few who have earned her trust mind you...

History: How she came to Azeroth is hard to say, since she was raised by priests in a cloister in a land far away from where The Exodar crashed. She was found out in the wilds by these priests and brought back to the cloister and raised as a priestess of The Light. After many years in the cloister, the priest who she described as "the closest one to being her father" was murdered and she stormed out of the cloister swearing revenge. (This is described better in my diary thread in the pig & whistle) She made a pilgrimage to Stormwind city, and joined up with Rhyme and Punishment about a week later.

And lastly i wish to add that her parents are presumed dead.
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Topic/Postby Toot » 22 Jan 2008, 12:27

Full Name: Toot Ferris
In-Game: Toot
Nickname: Toots, Tootles, Salty

Guild: Rhyme and Punishment
Title: Rhymer

Race: Gnome
Class: Warlock
Professions: Tailor, Enchanter and Fishergnome, can also cook and has a passed a course in First Aid

Age: 96
Sex: Male
Hair: Black, with a magnificent beard!
Eyes: Blue (i think)
Weight: Depends how much fish he's carrying, but about 4 stone
Height: about 3 foot
Garments/Armor: Fisherman's attire, and while adventuring Shadoweave Set and a turban!

Alignment: Neutral

Personality:Cheeky, but generally quiet. Loves a drama, as long as he's not involved.

To ba added when I can be bothered :)
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