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It was a fairly regular day, sun was up and about. Alison was arguing with a client over a night's pay in the inn and havoc was walking down the streets.

It has been theorized that he was crazy, insane, or just unfit to roam freely the streets. Though he was many times accused of unfit behavior non of the guards wanted to take him to the prison, since the guards in prison didn't want to lose their sanity.

Behind him people could see a gnomish vendor with a cart full of tinkering parts, further behind him was a dwarf who just discovered that the beer he has gotten has a strange aftertaste and a marvelous affect on his vision, vivid colors from nowhere.

Though he seemed unaware of the dwarf suddenly dozing off due to the side effects, Tormeron was happy, he has helped a dwarf in need of help for finding a beer, and saved a gnome from the deadly crutches of what he understood as a deadly rabbit. Ofcourse if you asked the gnome he would have a completely other version of that story.

Behind the corner was a person which was attempting to sell his wares, until a moment ago there was much interest in his wares but all that changed a few minutes ago. It seemed the whole place was pulsing and occupied with just one man's doings, but, non could really say he was evil, as it all started so innocently.

An hour ago...

Tormeron was just exiting his room going down the stairs to the street after having an argument with his wife. His wife asked him to be back soon, as they had plans for going to a trip together. The argument was more one sided, since his wife was long gone before he started to argue.

Down the street Tormeron could see a gnome yelling at a mechanized rabbit to let go. Tormeron approached the gnome and tapped on it's shoulder, scaring the gnome from behind, the gnome reacted by lashing out his frustration over the mechanized rabbit error of trying to eat a carrot and thereby blocking some circuits by two words he will regret for a long time "blast it!"

Tormeron sensing the gnome was in danger took his staff and quickly hit the rabbit hard on the head repeatedly. The gnome shocked, stunned, was unable to respond, only after several such hits did he stop Tormeron and asking him in a very hyper matter what the hell is he up to.
Tormeron made sure to welcome the gnome on his saving him from the nasty rabbit's clutches and immediately explained he doesn't want any money for this. Which the gnome was demanding Tormeron to pay on the broken rabbit.

As Tormeron went on down the road the gnome quickly gathered the parts into a cart and tried to get Tormeron's attention. A dwarf was standing in the tunnel leading into the trade district having a bad day as it was after he has been the day before robbed by robbers on the road.
Tormeron seeing the dwarf ranting knew what happened to the dwarf, not enough beer, not wanting the dwarf to think he knew his problems, Tormeron offered a drink to the dwarf, the dwarf firmly said he doesn't need a drink he need to find those robbers. After some convincing the dwarf took a sip and immediately was speechless as to the strange taste added to the lager.

Tormeron seeing a smile-like grin from the dwarf he went on down the tunnel with one gnome with a cart full of parts and a dwarf trying to figure out what was going on with his head.
as he entered the district he bumped into a woman who was standing next to a whole other group of people currently trying to listen and bid on items the person on a crate was offering. Due to Tormeron bumping into her, she raised her hand trying to stop herself from falling upon the next guy and so started a whole lot of people accidently bumping into the next person.

As each got up from the floor they discovered to their dismay that the items they bought previously were on the floor and their bags were spread about.
So none of them was currently listening to the man trying to sell his wares on top of the crate.
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