Gergel "Starmane"

Apply to Rhyme and Punishment here, should you be successful you can expect to receive our realm famous membership bag, complete with cheese coupons, half full bottles of wine, and a Toot plush toy.

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Gergel "Starmane"

-- IC --

There is a scroll of parchment on a table. When unwound, it shapes itself into a letter.

The parchment is of very fine quality. It bears the official letterhead of Darnassus. Such parchments are often seen all around the world. They are used by the hundreds for official communication between Darnassus and even its smallest outposts. And the exact same parchments are also used for diplomatic communiques between the highest ranks of Night Elven government and the other powers of the world.

The handwriting on the parchment is clearly Elvish. Fine calligraphic lettering runs perfectly evenly and looks highly impressive.

The letter reads:

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To the leadership of the organization known as Rhyme and Punishment.

Humble greetings.

I am Daryn Lightwind, a Cenarion Circle and Darnassus historian in
profession and a scribe in passion. I am writing this letter on behalf of
Miss Gergel, whom we have affectionately titled Starmane, a good personal
friend and a deeply honored mage in service of Darnassus.

I have come to understand that Miss Gergel has for some time been in
contact with members of your organization, who have recently made her a
friendly offer to join Rhyme and Punishment. A prerequisite for joining the
organization, Miss Gergel indicates, is this letter of application you are
currently holding. Due to somewhat unusual circumstances surrounding Miss
Gergel's person, I have humbly offered my assistance in crafting this

A member of the Gnomish race, Miss Gergel combines diminutive stature and
physical strength with impressive magical prowess. Her capabilities as a
mage, and devotion to Darnassus' cause have brought her to the attention
and regard of high-ranking Darnassus officials. Her deeds and actions over
the past few months have earned Miss Gergel an impressive reputation in our
eyes, as well as some of the highest forms of honour we can bestow upon one
not born of the Kaldorei. I do not doubt that should you require additional
recommendation, a number of officials and private individuals would gladly
speak out on Miss Starmane's behalf.

We do not have much information on Miss Gergel's past. She arrived to
Darnassus as an ordinary passenger on a regular ship from the lands of our
new allies of Exodar. From that day she has been working diligently to
assist us wherever possible, from Teldrassil to Feralas and beyond. Polite
inquiries to the Draenei representatives have led us to believe that Miss
Gergel's name is equally highly-reputable in the lands under control of
Exodar's forces. Beyond that, we know nothing. As she has proven herself to
us countless of times, we consider it only polite to not pry further
without Miss Starmane's consent.

Regarding personality, I have come to know Miss Gergel as a kind-hearted
soul, yet sequestered regarding her personal life. My attempts at gaining
insight into her mind and past have been met with gentle yet firm
resistance. She does not appear to mind the attempts, she merely seems to
prefer to keep herself to herself.

As you may be aware of, Miss Starmane does not communicate verbally. This
restriction, whether voluntary or involuntary appears to include verbose
written communication as well, hence my assistance in the form of this
letter. We do not know if she cannot speak or does not wish to speak. Our
offers to consult with knowledgeable medics, druids and shamans have been
met with polite refusal. Regardless, Miss Gergel is quite capable of
communicating her emotions and intentions with gestures and expressions
when necessary.

Hereby I, being aware of the high reputation of the Rhyme and Punishment
organization, as well as the reputation of Miss Gergel, would like to
present this recommendation on behalf of the officials of Darnassus that
she be allowed a chance to join the organization. Miss Gergel also
indicates that if additional recommendation is required, she believes that
a Mister Pepple and a Miss Aurielle, current members of the organization,
would be willing to sponsor her application.

Thank you for your attention.

With high regards and honor,

Daryn Lightwind on behalf of Gergel "Starmane"


-- OOC --

I've whipped up this little letter of application after Miss Aurielle kindly invited Gergel to join Rhyme and Punishment last night. Gergel's been joining Aurielle, Pepple and whoever-else-happens-to-be-around on the notorious Stormwind boxes (and a barrel) for some time now and having quite a bit of nice RP.

I used to play on the Horde side a while ago, had two characters in the Sanctuary guild (an old murloc-crazy Troll priestess and a young Orc mage turned into a kindly Undead warlock). Then I quit WoW for over half a year. Now I'm back, but being too tired of the Horde, I decided to return to my roots as an Alliance mage (a human mage on a 'normal' PvE server used to be my one-and-only character for a long long time until I took my first hiatus and returned after a couple of months by rolling a Horde character on Moonglade).

So even back then Serendipity came to my attention by spam^H^H^H^Hposting on the Sanctuary forums (Dippy, you might remember the adventures of Og the Ogre...). Knowing RnP's reputation, and having excellent fun with several RnP members (*wave* to Aurielle, Pepple and Tiermaya, as well as others who have been passing by the Holy Crates) I got the desire to leave my current guild ("Guildless", anyone can join this by typing /gquit) and joining the often-crazy (in a good way) Rhymers as a gnome who does not speak.

So, um, hoping to hear from you.

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Topic/Postby Nysard » 30 Mar 2008, 14:17

Another Gnome, perhaps my suspicions on that Pepple sort are correct and not only is he inhabiting them boxes, but perhaps he may well be using them as some form of breeding complex. I do not know the insides and outs of Gnome reproduction, nor do I think I wish too, so I shall probably wash my hands of this matter. Never the less a stern eye shall be kept on him at all times, and it seems Aurielle also needs to be watched, I shall make the required arrangements.

I shall also have to confer with the guilds fellow officers about any planned name change to Gnome and Punishment that I have been made without my knowledge. It seems with Gnomeragan in despair they not only find refuge with Ironforge, but with us as well!

Never mind, it’s simply more miniature heads to study, perhaps I shall finally get some answers to the questions about these miniature folk.


Excellent application :)

Topic/Postby Serendipity » 30 Mar 2008, 16:23

Heheh, that made me chuckle - sounds like it'll be an interesting interview!

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Topic/Postby Pepple » 30 Mar 2008, 17:27

Definatly, accepted my end.

I've RP'd with you loads of times and you carry Gergel's character well, will friend you and poke for an interview when you're on.
Shevron wrote:(that came out larger than I expected)
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Topic/Postby Morgrim » 30 Mar 2008, 19:22

*signs his name on the accepted sheet* Yup no qualms here deffinatley accepted. Although i'm not learning sign language
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Topic/Postby Pepple » 30 Mar 2008, 21:42

Shevron wrote:(that came out larger than I expected)
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