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It has been months since it all started,
Stormwind lay silently celebrating one holiday or another,
A lone figure stood looking with interest at the proceedings in the city from a ridge south of Goldshire.
Of course her sight was enhanced by magic, a dark scar lay on her skin on her neck and to her chest, left by the dark pendant's magic, The heroes that were after not even aware of the darkness that lay in her, of course they have met her and even helped her when she needed it to happen.

The "master" was nowhere to be found, she knew he would probably have changed his plans once the dark figure failed her job, but the question was what was he up to now.

She walked up to Goldshire, and rented a room.

once in the room the emptied a small bag of it's contents, books and scrolls.
They all lay on the floor before her like a giant puzzle of objects, each related to another in some way, but none of them seemed to have a direct relation with any of the other.

This "master" knew people would hunt him if they knew his identity and thus used clues and objects for those pupils who seeked to work for him, each knew the price of betrayal as she has learned with the dark scar on her neck.

Luckily the scar seemed to be able to be hidden easily enough with a simple robe or a shirt, thus none would ever know of it.

She has met the "Master" once before and tried to fool him, when she betrayed him he has left her a "present" in the form of a scar to ever hurt her.

She needed to meet him again and apologize, she wanted power, such as the master held. She wanted it badly.
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