The absentees

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The absentees

It was a cool evening in the mush grass near the gates of Stormwind.

A few birds chirped happily trying to disturb the silence as much as they could.
Some adventurers could be seen traveling the roads in search of riches or fame.

A man was standing there on the grass watching this all happening, listening to the hustle and bustle about him.
He was waiting patiently on the grass knowing full well he posted enough of those flyers about the city so that someone will show up.

At times he opened himself a chair and sat down but still, none showed up.

That man stood there, but it was by no means an ordinary man, thieves would avoid him, robbers would run away from him, not for his power, not for his cleverness, none of this really mattered. He was Tormeron, the only man in existence to have driven mad a thief into choosing another profession for the inability to rob Tormeron.
His power lay in his ways, he had already a reputation of being crazy, that reputation was well earned.

After 20 minutes waiting he lay down and fell into a dreamless sleep.
Until the morning the Absentees didn't show up.
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