A "gnome"ish letter

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A "gnome"ish letter

It was a rainy day, business was slow due to the continuous rain.
A cat could be seen through the window shaking itself off the wetness, 2 squirrels could be heard in the tree near the window arguing over a nut.

A lone draenei female could be seen running through the rain avoiding the puddles saying with a harsh accent cursing the rain for getting her haircut wet.

Arthuron was sitting at the table in the inn in his chambers awaiting impatiently someone. Though the weather was foul with rain he would have much better liked being out and running about than staying cooped up in the inn awaiting that someone.

The reason he was waiting was for a communique from the Darnassus.
A fresh blast of wind could be felt chilling the air of the warmish inn when the door slammed open at the floor below, Alison went straight up to greet the person and ask if he wanted a room or sustenance, The person said he needed none and he was here for delivering a letter to a night elf in person.
Arthuron's sensitive ears picked up on it and he went straight down the stairs watching a very wet gnome giving him a grin and a wink.

The gnome took out a device from her pocket and started tapping on it and scribbling when she suddenly took out a small well wrapped letter and said "It will be 3 silver and 20 copper". Arthuron watched in disbelief at the gnome and tried arguing that she got paid for it from Darnassus, the gnome suddenly wiped out her grin and went out on a sentence that would have made much more sense if it wasn't all taken out at once, at the speed she exclaimed it, anyone might think she was just blabbering to herself
Though none understood what she said

This is what she attempted at saying "This letter took me two weeks to deliver due to the boat landing on the wrong beach and no signs explaining where i landed, when i searched the flight master he sent me on the wrong flight, then needed to pay a flight back and a boat to take another fifth boat to get here!"

Arthuron was amazed at the speed of speech the gnome was expelling and at her sudden aggressiveness that he decided to pay her and let her go.
When she finally left the place slamming the door behind her, Alison said "what was that about?" Arthuron shrugged going up the stairs to read the letter saying beneath his breath "gnomes..."
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