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A loud noise could be heard in Stormwind, it was monotonous and continiously all through the night. The noise sounded like a loud hum, at times you could hear like a mini thunder rolling by.

The skies were clear, the sun was bright, the night was clear, the stars shining.

24 hours before...

Bandarius was wandering the streets of Stormwind with an aim in mind, to fix a device that would be able to hold a stable portal indefinitely instead of having the need for casters.
A design was made by himself, though one thing he was missing and he knew exactly where to get it.

20 hours before...

He has found the person whom holds the item in question, he has known him a long time.

Tormeron has just finished cooking his plate of dinner at the fires located at some inn. Much to the frustration and anger of the innkeeper Tormeron seemed undisturbed by the innkeeper and the chef attempting to drag him out of the kitchen, exactly while Tormeron found himself momentarily flying due to leverage the chef and the innkeeper has given him he met Bandarius.

Bandarius first shrieked then yelled at Tormeron for watching where he lands before remembering he needed an item Tormeron posessed.
Bandarius tried to explain to Tormeron what he was building but after 5 minutes into it he noticed Tormeron was busy trying to cook something on a fire he has raised not listening to Bandarius at all except nodding his head and repeating "i see" every now and then.

19 Hours Before...

Figuring he has nothing else to do until he has that item he waited for Tormeron to finish cooking in order to tell him what he needed.

The item in question was something many knew Tormeron possesed few knew it's initial purpose for Tormeron, bluish glowy mushrooms cultivated in the outlands.

so went some of Bandarius speech:
... after researching into the diodes of the magical flux needed to manipulate the space around...
... therefore i placed a protection spell on the floor around the device from fire damage thinking in advance of the disasters that might...
... and so what i need from you is a mushroom

Tormeron as though awakened from a trance, jumped to his feet saying a bit too loud for necessity "Mushrooms!".
He fished from his pocket a small bag filled with small bits of mushrooms.

16 hours before...

After going to eat at the local inn and enjoying a rather interesting debate with another gnome about engineering and it's utilities he was finally back at his rented appartment working diligently on the project.

10 hours before...

After a fitfull sleep on the sidewalk Tormeron looked around noticed the gnome gone and fire dosed off went off in search of something or someone with which to interact.

9 hours before...

Tormeron stumbled into the inn Bandarius was staying in silently re-arranging some of the various objects that were connected one to another.

8 hours before..

Not noticing the changes made by Tormeron while he was busy building his project he declared happily and loudly "Done!" and with that went to his much needed sleep.

10 minutes before...

Bandarius awoke and dressed himself nicely for the grand day before him, he washed his face, brushed his teeth.
Something nagged at him in the disorder in his room but he shrugged it off being paranoia after such a big project being completed.

He flipped a switch, started saying loudly some words of magic when a spark started to be created upon the gate-area.
All too late he realized what was the cause of the spark, a surge of power rushed through bandarius and into the spark giving it enough magic to be opened fully.
"The thing is working!" Bandarius thought happily when suddenly he felt the floor trying to stand up when he realized he was standing on Tormeron with some mushroom crumbs in his hair.
before he could realize where the mushrooms crumbs got to Tormeron's hair they both saw the portal was not stable, pulling into itself various papers and objects in the room.

Bandarius then realizing Tormeron ate the mushroom he has placed in a strategic place in order to avoid just this disaster yelled "nooo!"
when the portal changed colors and started sending dangerous lightning beams around collapsing into itself humming loudly as it collapsed every so often a loud thunder rolling

One such lightnings hit Bandarius and Tormeron.

12 hours later...

Tormeron awoke in the middle of the debris that was Bandarius's room coughing loudly awakening Bandarius as he did looking around blinking...

Bandarius thinking loudly "How will i explain this...?"
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