The dark figure story

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The dark figure story

After posting the event earlier I've gotten into talks with Lilandris and decided i would like to tell a story of this dark figure, though i am already warning, not many details will be revealed in the following story in parts, it's more of another side to it, but not revealing it's identity.
This will be a bunch of short stories.

The weather was warm, warmer than anyone would have liked, most people either strolled about the city lazily or found a nice patch of grass to lie on, some hid in inns and cooler spots from the warmth.
It wasn't summer yet, the heat was filled with humidity.
On the road hooves could be heard moving in a hurry.

A boar or two could be heard squealing as a quick hit with a sword killed it, the cut clean, quick and efficient.

Although the heat, the figure walked with it's hood up and covering it's facial features or any part of the figure at all.
Passerby would describe the figure as a dark robe with no face walking about seeming undisturbed by the heat.

Unbeknownst to anyone, it was sweating in the heat, it chose to walk in the heavy dark robes. It wasn't disturbed by the farmers and adventurers watching it. slowly it drained the blood from the boar into a vial it help in it's gloved hand, corking the vial up once filled.

Slow beads of sweat went down it's forehead and a drop of sweat fell onto the heated ground, evaporated immediately.
The figure looked slowly around, took it's sword slowly out of the boar.

The figure got up on it's horse's saddle with veteran's skill, it rode in silence for a long time to come, it hurried towards the docks.
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