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It's happy hour, the alcohol is flowing. It's time to pull up a tankard of ale, bottle of wine for the ladies and regail tales of heroism and grandeur.

Topic/Postby Tormeron » 02 May 2020, 11:16

A loud singing can be heard from outside before a loud thump is sound and the singing dies.
a voice saying "When did they install a mailbox here?"
quiet shuffling before footsteps appear at the entrance of the blue recluse, looking around he gives a quick wave at the people he can see before heading to the bar ordering a wine bottle.

Steps away from the bar he goes to sit down in front of Serendipity at first quietly nursing his wine before saying
"Did you know they installed a mailbox outside?"
Lilandris wrote:Liandrix' words not mine, but Tormeron is a god apparently. Probably a bit like Loki.

serendipity wrote:Reason: Potato.

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