deal struck

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deal struck

She was walking down the street, her feet barely heard, hiding along the shadows of the buildings, it was one of those days that most people would claim "was a bad day to go out".

Along her way was a gnome claiming a whirring cog was suddenly missing from his mechanostrider, a human suddenly bit on his own fingers instead of a banana he was holding and if an elekk could talk he would claim someone stole a branch it was holding in beneath his belly.

Altogether the people weren't missing vital things but it was missing nonetheless. It has been a low season in business regarding special equipment. She was on a mission, she was well trained not to divert from her mission.

An hour before...

The tavern was silent apart from a gnome sitting quietly in his seat and to his own surprise he fell asleep. he has received news from the king's advisers that his own sister was in the city, Lucillia, his lost sister, he has for years been searching for her, now, after years of search he has gotten a meeting with her, arranged by a attendee of the king's court who spoke to an SI:7 operative who spoke with the tinking committee in the city which spoke to a gnome who was trying to sell her a worthless stone whom she claimed came from the moon.

In order to get her to meet him the merchant who tried to explain to her about her lost brother had to send her on a so called mission. he paid her good silver to do the mission he gave her.

The mission was simple, go to the tavern and speak to the gnome awaiting you and introduce yourself as lucillia, that was all he asked.

Lucillia was an over-thinker, she always tried to overdo what the mission required and so she decided since he paid good silver for this mission that she will keep it as discreet as possible.

Due to her being hungry a banana suddenly was in her hand, a cog was suddenly in her pockets when she was drooling over a mechanostrider she saw... and thus a deal was struck and innocents found themselves having a bad day.

The reunion chapter will come soon!
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